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Bringing a pet from abroad

A picture for Pet Immigration

The Pet Passport scheme means that bringing a cat or dog into the UK from Europe need not involve quaratine separation and costs, if you plan ahead.

Step 1: The pet must be fitted with a microchip and be vaccinated against rabies. A blood test must follow to show that the vaccination has taken. Once you have a positive result the animal will be given a passport and SIX MONTHS from its date it will be possible for the pet to travel.

After the six months, plan your journey, which must be by vehicle. The pet must be checked by a vet in the 24/48 hours prior to travel. The vet will sign the passport with DATE and TIME. This is critical as your pet will not be allowed to travel on any cross Channel route until at least 24.1 hours later than the time indicated in the passport. Departure time is the criterion not arrival time in the UK. The pet must remain in the vehicle throughout the journey.

contact : Pam Macklin
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