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A picture for Papalscope on Multiculturism

It is axiomatic that this, by its nature needs to be a Universal Concept. It was ridiculous that a recent Prime Minister thought that it could be a unilateral happening, or be anything other than an opportunity for yet another Political Fudge. The day may come when this Country’s indigenous Christianity or even Agnosticism can be as freely practiced in the World of Islam, as the Islamic Faith is practiced here. Until then Multi Culturism is but pie in the sky, for ‘There will always be something there to remind us’ of some sandy shore.*

One knows little of Bishop, Dr.Michael Nazir-Ali whose seat is at Rochester one of the less well endowed Cathedrals, the which not so long ago had Tisbury’s own The Revd. Canon Jonathan Meyrick, now Dean of Exeter Cathedral, as its acting Dean. One may suppose that each Bishop is appointed on merit and that Bishop Nazir-Ali is no less meritorious than any other Bishop. It seems extraordinary, that he having spoken against the concept of Multi Culturism, is met by such a barrage of criticism both Secular and Spiritual, for having expressed a view held by so many.

APPOINTMENT OF BISHOPS. Does a Prime Minister still have the final yea or nay on the appointment of Bishops, including the Arch Bishop of Canterbury ? Tony Blair of recent fame has become a Member of the Roman Catholic Church. One heard tell that his Conversion was not of a Damascene nature, but had he publicly switched his allegiance whilst in Office, he would have had to resigned as Prime Minister, because Catholics unlike Muslims and others are not permitted to be our Prime Ministers. It is past the proper time for Church and State to separated. Time for the Upper House to lose its Lords Spiritual. Which Bishops did Premier Blair validate during his period of Office ?

One hears tell that the Arch Bishop of Canterbury had at one time considered the possibility of becoming a Catholic Monk at Downside Abbey. Then of course one hears all sorts of things, about all manner of folk, so how do any of us know what to think about anything? Unfortunately now most don’t care anyhow.

Such Detachment may well be a root cause of so many of the World’s Problems. If one doesn’t believe in the concept of Deity, or Governance, or Morality or Honesty Fair Mindedness or Commitment etc, why should one feel inhibited to do anything one may have the mind to do?

It can not be easy for those who ‘Go Without’ the necessities of life , that others can take for granted. Especially as over recent decades, Government has used our Collective Endowment, ‘The Good Works’ of earlier generations ,to appease the avarice of the few, and feed the indigence of the many.

It was immediately after the second world war that we as a Nation set off down the Helter Skelter of Turpitude. As a child in the nineteen thirties, everyone had a home ‘be it ever so humble’, and there were opportunities for those in even modest employment to purchase their own , failing which there was accommodation to be affordably rented, all be some of it Social Housing. Unemployment was of course a cause of great concern, and bred Fascism. One needs to take care that this does not recur. But it is unhelpful to sweep issues that concern some, metaphorically ‘under the carpet.’

In the guise of creating a better world, instead of building on our circumstance Politicians wrecked all that was good, even abandoning those areas of her Majesty’s Dominions , that had not actually already ‘given us the boot’ . Inhibitive Planning Laws were enacted. This and that was first Nationalised , and later with even more incompetence de-Nationalised . What did McMillan say about selling off the ‘Family Silver’. The Tax Payers still subsidise some of these de- Nationalised concerns, often paying private Operators greater subsidies than were paid out pre de- Nationalisation.

Now few of us can afford to pay for a couple of rail tickets to say Birmingham, even if the train happens to be running that week, should there we any lines for it to run on. Can one go happily into Hospital for treatment? Can we be sure even of the competence of some of the Computer appointed Doctors let alone the competence of the Cleaners. Things are in a blinking mess that has little to do with the price of oil or Global Warming.

Standards of Education were wrecked and the Status of University devalued. Most Grammar Schools, Technical Colleges and Schemes of Apprenticeships, were swept away in some ill conceived concept of egalitarianism. Earlier this week there was scaffolding alongside the A.36 so that The Salisbury Technical College/ aka Salisbury College/ could again metamorphose as the Wiltshire College. This is a load of Politically Correct Nonsense. Much as are City Academies, the which seem to be a sop in the face of Social Disquiet. Would a Rose by any other name?

The Reading Technical College which I attended for two evenings a week back in the 1950s. is now a University in its own right. That Technical College had not even been built then, so its Lectures were splattered between Reading University and the Local Grammar School.

One can become entirely incoherent with rage just contemplating the un- necessarily assumed inadequacies of a once prosperous Nation. The which was built not only on the Backs of Working Men, but the enterprise of their Management.

I have heard about the Slave Trade and Sugar Plantations and Tobacco. Even so the whole National Product has been squandered in the name of Political Correctitude, whilst Proper jobs have been replaced by a plethora of ‘non jobs’.

A Couple of years ago I volunteered to help with some sort of Local well intentioned non specific Quango. The which I took the opportunity to leave, before actually being pushed. A diminished, in like manner workforce put a lot of work into a Report which although technically competently produced, seems to be a useless piece of ‘Bumf’. That is a word one is hesitant to repeat for one of the Professional Guiding ‘Experts’ advising our ‘Quangette’ had absolutely no concept of the meaning of it. Such ignorance speaks for itself.


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