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One is indebted to the Wiltshire County Council and the Tisbury Parish Council respectively for these two news items.

Wiltshire County Council has voted to apply to the Government for permission to create one council for Wiltshire. The proposed reorganisation would lead to the replacement of the county council and the four district councils by a single council. The decision to apply to create one council follows the invitation by the Government, to councils in shire areas such as Wiltshire, to consider changing the way they are organised. Under the local government white paper councils can apply for permission to move to a single council, or they can apply to work together more closely. The county council agreed to look at all the options in November last year and during the past two months the authority has looked at the potential costs and benefits. The council has worked with accountancy experts PriceWaterhouseCoopers to ensure the calculations of costs and savings are robust and accurate. Moving to one council would lead to savings of nearly 15m a year. The costs of senior management would be lower in one organisation. Bringing services together will also reduce their costs. The cost of the move would total 17.9m and that with the proposed savings this would be repaid within two or three years from the start of the new authority. The county council must now submit proposals to the Government by January 25. The Government is expected to indicate in March which schemes it will allow to proceed to the next stage. There will then follow wide-ranging consultation before the Government gives final approval in July. If Wiltshire is given the go ahead the new council would be created in late 2008. North Wiltshire District Council has previously supported the change in principle. It meets tomorrow night to consider its final position. County council leader Jane Scott said: "At the heart of these proposals to create one council for Wiltshire is the desire to ensure we provide the best services to local people in the most efficient way possible. "Bringing together all five councils will enable us to reduce costs, make it easier for people to access services, and give people more say in the way local services are provided. "These proposals are in the best long- term interests of everyone in Wiltshire." Ends Contributor : communications communications@wiltshire.gov.uk

Draft minutes of planning meeting of Tisbury PC: 16.01.07 S 2007 0018 full - North Barn, Quarry Farm, Chicksgrove conversion of farm building into part commercial part residential use including the demolition of 5x silos and a metal barn Cnllrs. welcomed the removal of the silos and also the increased employment prospects for local people. It was suggested that approval be granted with a condition that the single dwelling be tied as a live/work unit. Cnllrs. resolved to support the application. Proposed Mrs JA /seconded MMcG/unanimous S 2007 0019 listed building demolition - North Barn, Quarry Farm, Chicksgrove conversion of barn into part business use and part residential use (single dwelling) demolition of silos and barn (at east end). Cnllrs. resolved to support the application conditionally, with materials used being in keeping with the local environs. Proposed Mrs JA/seconded MMcG/unanimous

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