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Papalscope October 2006

PAPALSCOPE October 2006.

Parish Council supports return of those Stone Lorries through the Streets of Tisbury S.06.8014. Well of course they did not quite put it that way. I cut and paste this report in Focus.
Planning Applications
Councillors resolved to accept the following planning applications:
S06.8014 – Chicksgrove Quarry – Retention of a replacement saw (retrospective)
S 2006 1672 – O/L – Station Yard Industrial Units – new office development
Councillors thought that this scheme represented good use of new technology.
Yes this application does concern retrospective permission for a replacement saw. However a subsidiary permission sought is, that the existing restrictions on a previous application be lifted. The relevant restriction imposed limits on the importation of stone INTO the Quarry for processing.

Is the Parish Council aware that what is asked is that Tisbury again hosts all those stone lorries coming down, Hindon Lane, Cuffs Lane; and the Chicksgrove Road in either direction. What would the Village do without its Parish Council? Indeed,

Last month The Regulatory Panel of the Salisbury District Council recommended that the Tisbury Parish Council membership be reduced from fifteen to eleven. Since then that recommendation was put to the full District Council. The proposal was comprehensively endorsed. It now goes to the Minister, who will most likely so order. Hopefully next May Tisbury might have a better opportunity to elect its Parish Council. Something we will not have done for twelve years. Maybe elected Councillors might then reconsider the amalgamation of the village’s two Parishes, for there are still far too many cooks.

COMMUNICATIONS STILL OUT OF FOCUS? One is indebted to our TisVis Questionnaire (Q2 ) for this gem on incomprehensibility
‘The Village notice boards and The Parish Magazine, Focus, are insufficient for finding out what is going on in Tisbury.’ (Its only clarity, being its ineligibility to receive a ‘Crystal Mark’ {‘Res ipsa Loquitor’} )
Is it that 57% of us were unable to agree that communications are good? This is probably a correct reading. Try typing ‘Tisbury Parish Council’ into the Community Web Site, one merely gets ‘Papalscope’ for this site is the only one that makes any reference to Tisbury Parish Council .
If one searches by ‘Parish’ and clicks ‘Local Councils and Public Services’ there is no mention of Tisbury Parish Council there either. It would be helpful if there was at least a hyperlink to the location of the actual site.( http://www.nadderfocus.com/tisbury/inde x.html) Now one apparently has to search for the Patronage of ‘Nadder Focus ’ and at the tail end of that Home Page there is a link inviting one to view the ‘Web Site’ This constitutes a very pretty map, and if, as invited one ‘clicks on Tisbury’, one arrives on the Tisbury Page. Just one more click gets one to the Parish Council. Why does one have to do all that through the Church Magazine, even though the publication is well known for it’s comprehensive advertising.

Informs you for free
It’s a local secular publication, that might well turn into something akin to the Blackmore Vale Magazine. The September Edition is but its third, for it is an amalgamation of the ‘Wilton World’ and the Dinton Teffont and area Times. It is distributed free in Tisbury and deserves to be a success. We need a freebie. ‘Papal scope’ {Which has now 28/9/06 Blogged 3,324,800 hits since July} wishes it well. )

COMMUNICATION is important. This month ‘Papalscope’ received an invitation to attend an exhibition in Brazil. It was written in Chinese but translated easily enough. Receipt of it endorses that there are readers out there.

VOICE & CHOICE is an initiative by the Salisbury District Council’s Democratic Services Team. They are forming a panel to listen to Public Opinion. You should have received an ‘application to join form’ in with your Electoral Voting Registration Form. I have ever found it more effective to ‘Tell’ the District or County Council direct, rather than go through unelected or often enough elected Councillors, or even an MP. None with great respect can speak with two tongues and have to come down one side of the fence or another, or possibly have to toe a ‘Party Line’ . Tisbury is fortunate that both our District Councillors now sit as Independents.

OUR COUNTY COUNCILLOR .It would be nice if the Village saw her here more frequently. She having failed to turn up that time with Robert Key. I for one have never yet set eyes on her. As mentioned previously our house did not even get her manifesto through the door. There is only another three and a half years to go before the next County Council Election. How is her Quixotic campaign to destroy Wind Farms going? Please let your people know. The National Trust seems to favour Micro generators.

THREE SUGGESTIONS. 1. BECOME A MAGISTRATE.  Well have you ever thought of applying to become a Magistrate? http://www.magistrates.gov.uk/candidate s/index.htm. -Current vacancies for magistrates |© Crown Copyright & Disclaimer

3 A DISTRICT COUNCILLOR Or even being both at the same time? Some do.

Next May 2007 there should again be an Election to each office. It achieves little if anyone with interest fails ‘to have a go’. You can stand as an Independent, or even stand with the patronage of your chosen Party. Tisbury has been consistently let down by the Conservatives. They failed again to field a Candidate for the District Council (but did once manage to produce a chap from the other side of Salisbury). At the last Year’s County Election, according to a bit in ‘Focus’ they were still seeking a Candidate at the twelfth hour. See
http://www.salisbury.gov.uk/council/cou ncillors/district-councillor.htm بابالسك& هذا المو عمل علي ح

PAPALSCOPEは日本の読 はuncensored自由な表 なプラットホ&#

Papalscope发出慰问中 个人论坛,未经&

PAPALSCOPE는 그것의 ᕖ 다. 이 위치는 uncens 개의 남자의 개

PAPALSCOPE schickt seiner Deutschen Leserschaft Grüße. Dieser Aufstellungsort ist eine persönliche Plattform des Mannes für unzensierten freien Ausdruck.,

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PAPALSCOPE trasmette i saluti al relativo Readership Italiano. Questo luogo è una piattaforma personale dell'uomo per l'espressione libera non censurata.,

Should any wonder what all that too is about. Hopefully it tells our Arab,Japanese,Chinese,Korean,German,Spa nish,Portugese and Italian Readers…..

PAPALSCOPE sends Greetings to its Readership. This site is one man's personal platform for uncensored free expression. Unfortunately Google has no translation for Uncensored in either Chinese or Korean, nor Readership in Italian or Portugese.
This should send the ‘Hits Counter’ through the roof! John B. Pope.

contact : John B. Pope
Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk