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Proposed New War Memorial

Saturday, November 04, 2006 Proposed new War Memorial in UK. War memorial attracting interest Funding for a war memorial honouring the 16,000 UK servicemen killed in duty since 1945 is reported in Saturday's papers - two of which attempt to claim the credit. The decision to spend 2m of lottery funds on the memorial was reportedly taken after Chancellor Gordon Brown changed spending rules. Both the Sun and Daily Mail claim the credit for the decision. The Sun launched a campaign on the issue last year - and the Daily Mail started one this week. PAPALSCOPE Makes no associated claim, except that it may so be that the Chancellor and the Sun and the Daily Mail and the Principals involved in the Proposed Memorial are all readers of our web sites. The matter was more recently mentioned by Papalscope in both August and October 2006. Please find below our original publication first published over two years ago. NOVEMBER 2004 PAPALSCOPE UPDATE. FLANDERS FEELING. 'But pleasures are like poppies spread, you seize the flow'r, its blossom is shed' (Tam o Shanter Robert Burns 1791) Poppy day is an acknowledgement of a debt owed not solely to the dead; but too to the bereaved they left behind, for it is they and the wounded who have to pick up the pieces of their own lives. A Widow, Widower, or Partner was possibly deprived of the opportunity to have children of their own; or may have left Children who have few close family relationships. For a parent lost may also deprive them of brother or sister, whilst an uncle or aunt gone, deprives them of cousins, and so on. Tragedy spreads through the missing generations. In 1914/18 and 1939/45 every one of us was at war be it at home or abroad. It must surely be more difficult to go to fight now, when everything at home appears to be relatively normal. War Memorials mostly commemorate those amateur soldiers who lost their lives in both World Wars, but fail to mention all the others we have lost since then, be they National Service or Professional. Maybe they too should be commemorated on Memorials. There are too many names to acknowledge individually, but collective recognition would remind others that Poppy day isn't the preserve of ageing men and women, but remains as relevant today as it ever was. Tisbury has a recently placed plaque on our war Memorial acknowledging the ubiquitous presence of American Allies in 1944. It would seem a good idea to have something similar in acknowledgement of those other soldiers sent to fight Wars in our name.

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