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March Hares

A picture for Papalscope March

for whole of Wiltshire. Our District Council is to be no more from April Fools Day this year, and talk is of an Election the following Month.

I wonder if by then Focus Magazine of the Nadder Team Ministry will have acknowledged the fact that last May ‘Tisbury and Fovant Ward’ returned two District Councillors to represent the whole Ward. Why is it that FOCUS and its Associate the Nadder Valley Web Site credits but the Election of the CONSERVATIVE Councillor? Is Focus really a Community Magazine or is the mouth piece of the Conservative Party whose Representative on the District Council received fewer votes last May, than did our long standing Independent Councillor whom Focus fails to acknowledge.

Here we are only the end of February and the Leader of her Majesty’s Opposition has spoken out against ‘Multiculturism’. He is in the good company of not only The Bishop of Rochester and the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, but too PAPALSCOPE which has shown disfavour for the Concept for many months. May ones God Bless everyone but if there are some of us who decide that Religion bans one from doing this that or the other, then maybe it is necessary to choose between Faith and Career.

Think of all those Catholic Girls who know they have no chance of Marrying into the Succession of one the Royal Princes, or of their Brothers destined never to become the Prime Minister without Apostasy. Come to think on of that Apostasy would be insufficient. Actual Baptism is the preclusion. I believe all other Faiths including Islam suffer no such discrimination.

This Country has slunk into Mire of Mediocrity through the Portal of Political Correctness. We are not all equal in our accomplishment, and it does no one a favour to pretend otherwise, thereby encouraging expectations beyond an individual’s capability.

If Exams are too hard for all to Pass ‘seemingly it is obvious’ that the standard is set too high. If an oral exam is too harassing why have one. What sort of nonsense is that ? By pressing the correct buttons on this Computer, one can translate this whole ‘Spiel’ into any number of Foreign Languages. That being so why bother to learn foreign languages at all. I will try to illustrate the feasibility of the matter later, so doing works wonders for ones ‘Hit Rate’
If one can not get into University there is no problem there either, just build a few more until the supply of would be Students runs out. It is much the same for some of the Professions. If one is short of Doctors just fast track a few Arts Graduates, or acquire others from the Third World. What do they need with Doctors anyhow?

At long last the Government professes it will legislate that any who have had a life style of Malingering or Unemployment will cease to receive Benefits. As was written here many Moons ago concerning Jobs that the English will not do.
‘Are there some of our number who need neither Board nor Lodging?’
If there are vacancies for Agricultural Workers, Plumbers or Electricians or whatsoever, there should be no call to fill such vacancies with our fellow Europeans. Was there a news item this week that there were 800,000 Polish Nationals WORKING in the UK, which figure obviously does not include the Nationals of any other country what so ever. Such people have a Work Ethic which surpasses our own, they do a good job, and send their Earnings back home should their Dependents not be here with them. THIS IS ALL MONEY THAT THE UK WILL NOT INITIALLY EXPERIENCE THE RECIRCULATION OF, Unless it is used to buy up Heathrow, or our Electricity and Water Gas Companies etc.

Not for one moment should we believe all this twaddle about all the Taxation such workers contribute to our economy, nor that the rate of immigration is falling. Even Poland has a limit to its largesse. IF these matters are any sort of a Problem, we would do well to recognise that the Problem is one of our own making. Here in Tisbury we are merely obsessed with the concept of the Community Compost Heap and the destiny of plastic bags. Fiddling whilst Rome Burns.

Different people like doing different things, just imagine the length of the queue if that was not the case. Without wishing to be censorial of things that I do not understand, I feel inclined to comment that Yobbish Behaviour, Excessive Drinking, Drug Snorting and Dealing, over Vulgarity and Ostentation, Child Molestation, Profligacy, Gang Violence, Mugging and Dishonesty of every sort have never really been my sort of thing. (Even so two persons of our immediate circle have been mugged in London, one of them an off duty Metropolitan Police Officer. What chance for you or I ?)
I have never been of the ‘ There There never mind’ fraternity. Appeasement is better done by some better qualified Good Samaritan. with a Degree in Media Sciences. Being among the less fortunate I can but scatter the seeds of presumptuous Geriatric Wisdom in the hope some may germinate.

To misquote Polonius
‘and above all else until one’s own self be true, for then it must follow as the night the day that one canst then be false to any man’

Automatically translated texts: 'وق&# اي شيء اخ لأنه حين لا يمكن ا

'En boven alles tot een eigen zelfstandige zijn, want dan moet volgen als de nacht de dag dat men niet kan worden tot een valse man'

"Und vor allen Dingen, bis das eigene Selbst zu wahren, denn dann müssen sie folgen wie die Nacht den Tag, dass man nicht falsch, jeder Mensch"

", и прежд собстве& должна с что никт человек&

'Et au-dessus de tout jusqu'à ce que soi-même être vrai, car alors il doit suivre la nuit comme le jour où on ne peut pas être faux à tout homme "

'E al di sopra di ogni altra cosa fino a quando la propria auto essere vero, per poi essa deve seguire, come la notte il giorno che uno non può essere falso per ogni uomo' Well its a lot better than I might attempt! .

contact : John B. Pope
Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk