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Easter Egg 2008

A picture for Papalscope Easter Egg


Whichever the rights and wrongs of this matter, the controversy illustrates the inadequacy of our Parliamentary System. If Members of Parliament decide to vote for or against some ethical or unethical proposition against their better judgement, merely because the their Party Whip instructs him or her so to do, then he or she is a person whose services the Country could better do without. The Electorate look with despair on both Houses of Parliament, wondering whether, to misquote Wordsworth

‘Hast not Earth anything to show more fair’ ?*

What in the name of Heaven do we elect our Members of Parliament for? The more naïve of us expect them to stand up to be counted, and let their Parliamentary Career stand or fall by their genuine opinion. Unfortunately some seem more concerned as to which side their ‘bread is buttered’. It is though a fact that if one is willing to stand up and be counted the
‘The cards eventually fall one’s way’

This is not to say that one benefits from a Parliamentary Salary, or Parliamentary Expense Accounts, or some Sinecure in the House of Lords. But being of right opinion compensates for all else. Maybe our system of Parliamentary Government is rotten to the core? Too frequently the Country returns some candidate seemingly more interested in personal advancement than due Governance of the People.

One does not flatter oneself that too many read this Blog here, or that vast numbers read it elsewhere, but may one remind any Reader that at the appropriate time, Papalscope wrote not only ;

‘That the New System of Postal voting would lead to Fraud,’*

But too that Banks, The HSBC being particularly mentioned, ‘were unwise to invest in the American Mortgage Market.’

If some non entity such as I , seated at a Computer in a back bedroom can see the folly of such occurences, why is it that ‘Wise Guys’ are seemingly unable to recognise the obvious. Is it because we return the Ineffectual to Parliament, whilst putting others with the avarice of the proverbial ‘Barrow Boy’ in charge of our Financial Affairs ?

Which the worth of all these ‘Experts’ who ply their trade. In 1954 I took employment with a reputable Insurance Brokers at Lloyds of London, a firm since swallowed up by a successive number of predators. One had ‘moved on’ to self employment by 1961, as one found the work less than satisfying. Those at Lloyds whom we Juniors aspired one day to be, have since fallen as might a line of Dominoes, and with their collapse brought financial ruin to many in their wake. One makes no suggestion of dishonesty, but it would be not inappropriate to charge some with Incompetence or Greed, if not both.

Did this country’s financial affairs go irredeemably wrong in 1929, or did it happen in the Thatcher Years? Sometime former concepts of hard work and honest dealing, gave way to earning the quick Buck.

In 1954 the five and a half day week was still the norm for Lloyds Insurance Brokers; despite being that one was allowed to dress for ‘The Country’ on a Friday.

However sorry one may be to have subsequently observed the Financial Losses incurred by many ‘Names’ at Lloyds, ones empathy is dulled by the knowledge that the money so many lost was but the ‘Quick Buck’ made elsewhere. A matter of ‘Swings and Roundabouts.’

Unfortunately others flattered to term themselves a ‘Name at Lloyds’ invested, and lost many a family fortune. What is it the Constabulary warn?
‘If it sounds too good to be true it probably is’.

The Sunday Telegraph report that Government is Drawing up ‘ Secret Dossiers’ the which record whether a house has a fine view, or a private off street Parking Area.The allegation is that all such accommodation would be ‘up valued’ on the Valuation Lists.

If this report is correct the concept is as daft as is the new ‘HIPS’ scheme. The existing valuation lists already reflect the desirability of every house in it ‘banding’. Is the proposal to charge for the same amenity twice over? It was interesting to see a recent Television Programme which advised that the Original Valuation Banding, was more often than not effected by some ‘Valuer’ glancing at a house from the outside, often enough as he or she drove past in a car.

A surprise, this. The first line is well known, and leads many to think it a pastoral poem, like the other one Wordy wrote about some yellow flowers. In fact he's standing slap bang in the middle of London!
--------------------------------- ------ ---------------------------- Upon Westminster Bridge
Earth has not anything to show more fair:
Dull would he be of soul who could pass by
A sight so touching in its majesty:
This City now doth like a garment wear
The beauty of the morning: silent, bare,
Ships, towers, domes, theatres, and temples lie
Open unto the fields, and to the sky,
All bright and glittering in the smokeless air.
Never did sun more beautifully steep
In his first splendour valley, rock, or hill;
Ne'er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep!
The river glideth at his own sweet will:
Dear God! the very houses seem asleep;
And all that mighty heart is lying still!
William Wordsworth (1770-1850)

I am indebted for the above to ‘Brent Tours’ However the Hyperlink showed seems an unattainable address. I am assured that Brent Tours is neither connected with Mr. David Brent of Wernham Hogg of Slough who may be found at.

David Brent was the Regional Manager based at the Slough Office of Wernham Hogg. He is a philosopher to rival Descartes, a musician to rival Texas, ... www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/theoffice/character s/profile_david.shtml - 20k (cut and Paste) Nor is ‘Messrs WERNHAM HOGG’ connected with ESHAQ KHAN Esq. of Slough.*
A special election court ruled earlier today that Eshaq Khan and his supporters carried out “corrupt and illegal practices” to secure his election in Slough ... www.libdemvoice.org/conservative- councillor-convicted-of-voting-fraud- 2377.html- 51k - Cached - Similar pages (Cut and Paste)

I see that 163931 hits are recorded on the Brent Tour site, however one Ageing PAPALSCOPE GOOGLE Blog Site had the last time I disinterred it, recorded over Four and a half Million Hits.

24 March 2008 00:04

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