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PLANT POCKETS The Better Alternative to Plant Pots

Black PVC pockets with gussets and drainage holes. Range of sizes to suit all requirements. Just open and fill with compost: for potting up or growing on any plant, as planters within decorative pots for cleaner and better plant management or as greenhouse containers with or without our AQUAMISER drip watering system. Washable and reuseable. Featherweight and fold flat for storage: no more stacks of pots wasting space. Cost a fraction of plant pots: from less than 4p each. Used widely by growers and now available in economic quantities for gardeners

Telephone 01747 861381, fax 01747 861453 or visit http://www.garden- watering.com

contact : Christopher Page
Tel : 01747 861381
Email : plantpockets@garden-watering.com
Web : view the web site