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A picture for PHILIPPS-HOUSE

Living as one does in a cottage which we carved off a larger whole, we needed to find a name for it. As our cottage had been built by, and until 1917 formed a part of the Wyndham Estate, we thought to call it Wyndhams, for had we not a lien on the name? Had not in good King Charles’ golden days, Jane Wyndham married into our family, and had not Victoria, the daughter of our next door friends when in the New Forest , married Michael Heathcote bt. Of Hursley, whose ancestor had furbished the newly rebuilt Dinton House with its first Wyndham-bride, much as Heatcote had furbished us with ‘Mary’ our Ewe, so admired by the late Philip Skinner. Nothing tenuous about such connections!

Indeed on such account prior to investigating the matter, one resented that Dinton House had been re-named Philipps House, furthermore that in 1924 Philipps next bought and moved into Hyde House, the original of which had once been inherited by Robert Hyde, whom my family had provisioned with our Cousin Lady Finetta as a first wife. Quite obviously one imagined this Phillips chap was a ‘Parvenu’ who’s circumstance, later matched the opportunistic naming of Wyndham Place in Tisbury.

Parvenu rubbish ! Our late mother used to tell of staying with her first husband’s aunt Beatrice at Manobiere Castle at Tenby, there is a house amidst the ruins. That aunt and her husband also had a daughter called Victoria, and guess whom she married. None other than Captn. Henry Erasmus Philipps, who later proved and acceded to the Philipp’s baronetcy.

Here is the music may need to cut and paste into browser . http://ingeb.org/songs/ingoodki.html 18.11.2015.

A picture for PHILIPPS-HOUSE

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