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The provisional accounts on the Parish Notice Board show that an amount of £2,270.80 was paid out in the name of TisVis. TisVis has nothing to do with the Parish Council other than that the Parish Council is TisVis’ Banking Agent. This sum of money has no connection to Parish Funds. It is not sourced from Community Charge Payers. One was given to understand that after mild admonishment from the Auditor last year, the TisVis money would be entirely separately listed, and not be confused with the Parish Income and expenditure. Thus I would respectfully suggest that if £2,270.80 was paid out for whatever, there should be an exclusive credit of £2,270.80 to set against that figure, if one may be correct to assume that there was some such credit?

I suppose if one sees a gross ‘Parish Income’ listed and the aforementioned TisVis money paid out, then the uninitiated might consider that The Parish Precept funds TisVis. This is not so. Please might the Parish Accounts be more explicit?

COMPOSTING SCHEME. Previously concern has been expressed over what some regard as a misadventure. Apparently this last year the Village Precept paid out £816.94 net. in connection with the Composting Scheme. I did not note any specified Income being credited to Parish Accounts Possibly there was Income, who can tell if we are not told. However whether there was or not , there is seemingly a deficit of £816.94 that all Tisbury Community Charge Payers will have to finance. One so specifies as of course those who live in West Tisbury or our other satellites are required to pay nothing. Possibly that is fair enough so far as this matter is concerned, for possibly they make no attempt to use the facility. Not once have I seen wheel barrows wending their path up the High Street either from West Tisbury, or come to that from peripheral parts of the Tisbury Parish such as Upper Chicksgrove. Are outlying Parishioners to convey Composting Materials to the site by Motor Car boldly filling the Wenceslas-ian trail with the our Carbon Footprint?

Is this a ‘Hare Brained’ venture. What is the point of it ? Has there been any sort of analysis concerning either its Ecological or Financial Gain? May be Allotment Holders and their immediate neighbours do benefit, but what of the rest of us? Are we financing another perk for those whose water bill we already seemingly pay? I believe I recall their water bill exceeded rental income in the previous financial year? Maybe such bills should be shared by Allotment Holders, rather than be paid by the rest of us.

Most Gardeners build their own compost heaps and pay their own water bills. Please will the newly deemed ‘Elected’ Parish Councillors be less extravagant than their predecessors seemingly were?

The Parish Council wishes to hear Public Opinion of the Loo Facility. Well of course a Village/Town like ours needs so to be equipped.

One presumes West Tisbury will not be making a monetary contribution? Possibly Fonthill Gifford might be willing to contribute financially, after all Tisbury's R2 Funding is seemingly paying for their Cricket Pitch Loo. Is that Cricket Pitch the one located on the Fonthill Estate?

Possibly our Loo facility might be let out on a concessionary basis, to be refinanced by paying customers. One quite understands that some of the immediate neighbours might prefer that the loo was elsewhere. Some tell that they dislike its presence more than they dislike the Recycling Bins which have so long awaited vegetative screening!

contact : John B. Pope