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SALISBURY'S Secret Garden

COME INTO THE SECRET GARDEN, or am I here at the Gate Alone?

Make no mistake, this Debacle is primarily the responsibility of the majority of the Electorate who in May 2003 either voted Conservative on a Party Political basis, or failed to vote in the District Council Election.
So much for Cabinet Government.

Let us do away with Party Politicians, bring back the Independent Councillors each of whom needs to be self motivated.

That 2003 majority got what it deserved, so it is disingenuous if any of its number complain now. The rest of us who never called the tune, are entitled to feel aggrieved for we too have to share the cost of the Piper.

This proposed redevelopment agreement for Bourne Hill, seemed to have been signed with undue haste. The matter should have been left in abeyance until after the May 2007 Election.

It is as ever ridiculous to expect Councillors most of whom are if even successful, but Small Business Persons. Retirees from one knows not what, or Ladies with time on their hands; to make themselves responsible for such financial decisions. The more so when any such Councillor is obliged for their Office, solely due to the patronage of one or another of the Political Parties . Any Councillor that can see no further than the Party Whip, would best have stayed at home.

Today our household has received a Questionnaire from the SDC that proffers three alternative courses of action.

SOLD TO A THIRD PARTY, or parties?

Sold not necessarily to a Commercial concern. There is a load of money around, historic houses are in short supply. Bourne Hill was once the town house of the Wyndham family. A private sale might preserve the integrity of our Heritage at a lesser cost to ourselves.

Possibly the suggestion of a private purchaser may seem far fetched, however we will never know if we do not try. We locals would still have a responsibility for much of 6/7 million pounds , but maybe this asset would better remain squandered, than that we put good money after an apparently bad decision.

I am advised by a successful Surveyor / Developer that payment of much of that sum might have even now been obviated, HAD the contract with the builder been negotiated in a way more beneficial to us. One may wonder whether this was taken into consideration at the time? These are matters of which I have no personal knowledge, but I trust my source.

NOW THERE IS THE POSSIBILITY that Salisbury be integrated into a Unitary Authority. Should we find that to be the case ( I believe we are due to hear the decision in the immediate future) there would be no need for too much office space in Salisbury.

If it is to be business as usual, would we not do better to build anew on some other site, one where there is room for further expansion? Our District Authority is getting ever larger. There is no point in Developing Bourne Hill if the need will soon enough arise to go elsewhere. Why not go now? There are sites. Possibly Old Sarum, or one of those less than successful Park and Ride Sites. Maybe Dinton or that plum ripe for picking
What could be better than direct access from the Station platform albeit that it would be in need of modification.

Goodness only knows how best the District Council proceeds now, but surely there should be

PUBLIC CONSULTATION on The Moonlight flití option (Composite Motion four Brothers).

For the musical version cut and paste. The Music of Septimus Winner (1827- 1902) - 16:54 Come Into the Garden, Maud (1857, music by Michael William Balfe; arr. for Cornet and Piano), 1874, 08084@LoC .... Webpage contents and all MIDI files are ... www.pdmusic.org/winner.html - 43k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this

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