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'Well here's another fine mess you've gotten me in

Papalscope commends this would be hyperlink to those broadminded enough to overlook the expletives of war voiced there on. Some may understand well enough the little that may be seen. The uninitiated like myself might do better to listen to the inter communication between the pilots of those two A.10 aircraft, and their communication with Base Command.

http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2- 2007060133,00.html

The above needs to be cut and pasted into your chosen Search Engine.

Incidents of euphemistically termed ‘friendly fire’ can happen in the best of Commands, however our American Cousins are seemingly more prone to shooting their friends in the back than are the British. Whether it is a persistence of a ‘Gung Ho’ attitude, or merely incompetence is not for me to know, but all should empathise with the victims of the incident.

Deplorable though it was of itself; there is another circumstance which compounds the American blunder. I refer to the cover up after the event,

‘Classified ? Poppycock!’

We are all compromised by the associable indigene of our own Government under Premier Blair’s leadership in the matter of delivering insufficient support to the Victims’ families. Some might wonder why he sent our Armed Services to Iraq in the first place, no need to answer that one. Wonder too why we are still there, like some ‘Aunt Sally’ betwixt the opposing sides in a Civil War? Surely the answer to that question must be ‘incompetence of management’. Does one have to follow a misdirected America’s lead, as though a kin to a Chihuahua dog? There was a problem in Iraq, in part one of our making, for Saddam Hussein should have been suppressed following his incursion into Kuwait. However having failed so to do , was no excuse for rushing in on a latter day ‘fool’s errand.’

It may be time for Premier Blair to ‘cash his chips in’, but what have we to show, more fair? As too America, our country has a dearth of leadership either actual or potential. I am given to understand that America is a large country with a commensurate population. It seems rather more than just coincidental that its leadership devolves into Bush and Bush, maybe Clinton and Clinton too. Is there some lack of sophistication in their Political Process that encourages such apparent nepotism? If such is the case there is no call for our own leadership to react as might some Marionette , incapable of doing anything other than respond to the tug on it’s string. Has ‘Statesmanship’ been submerged in the quagmire of compromise , expediency, even misalliance? Our Country is not merely short of plumbers, but seemingly it has no leaders either.

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Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk