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Out and About in Wessex

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I'm using it all the time, to look stuff up and the information it contains really enhances my experience, I can learn more about the places I visit and the things I see but.... It is in and out of my backpack all the time, I'm holding it in one hand while I peer at at a plant I don't recognise five feet down a sandy cliff on the SW coast path, it gets put on the edge of the table in the pub with people brushing past. Some people treat these things as semi- disposable and I wish I was in that price bracket but unfortunately I am not. I need to keep my device as safe as I can without compromising the usability of it, or making it so heavy or bulky it is a pain to carry around.

To be a good protector for my Kindle the case has got to keep the device securely in place and be made of tough materials, nothing that is going to rip on a bramble or tear on a jagged rock. Really important is that it has to be easily grippable in a wide range of temperatures from pretty sweaty through to numb-hand cold. To my mind that means natural materials and (sorry you vegetarians) probably leather.

In the end because, not only do they fulfill the criteria above, they look like they should be outside these covers from Tuff Luv take first prize - they have Kindle covers for all models here and if you have gone the Apple route you'll find a wide range of iPad covers here. Specifically I like the saddleback leather variety, they feel great in the hand and I don't feel like an out of place suburban shrub in the middle of a peat bog. Mind you even after what I said about leather you'll see that the range of Hemp covers look and I'm guessing feel pretty good as well.

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