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One is Born Every Minute

A picture for One is Born Every Minute

This week we acquired a bin intended for recycling, having found it dumped in the vague vicinity of our house, it did seem to be intended for us as it had a label bearing the name of our house upon it. This may not seem to be news, nor of the slightest interest to anyone else. However it stands now in solitary splendour taller than the listed wall that fronts our grade two listed cottage, in the vicinity of its listed Victorian Back Door. The bin is undoubtedly a positive monument to vulgarity. Why though its solitary splendour, where its companion, and its little friend the black box? No doubt they too will be with us sometime in the future. What then should we to do with all those ‘non conforming’ Jam Jars that others thoughtfully donate to our cause, what of the other glass ware that emanates from our home ? (Medicine Bottles or the like you understand). What our neighbour enquires is she to do with her existing dustbins? Can each be, should each be broken up and fed to the appease the appetite of the blue lidded vulgarity. It will take us for ever to fill ours with corrugated cardboard and plastic milk bottles. Which will be the effect of the sun on Wheelie Bins, how long will each bear up after being wheeled, and machine emptied, it doesn’t seem constructed to last. What do we do with it then? Each might become the stuff of legend and Childish tales such as
‘It was a dark and stormy night and the Wheelie Bin said to its mate tell us a story, and the Story began…’ and so go on ad infinitum.

If we are still to take all our glass to the skip in the Council Car Park, one might as well have continued to take all Pussy Cat’s empty tins and the Plastic Milk Bottles there at the same time, and so save great expense.

Litter and Recycling and Waste are serious matters however do not all these Wheelie Bins exacerbate rather than solve the problem ? Of course not everyone lives in the vicinity of the Public Car Park skips. If one has no car how do all such persons cope with trips to the waste skips? What of that Judy Garland song from Easter Parade ( Yes again), if one cuts and pastes the would be hyperlink below into Google, its worth doing. Hearing a little song and seeing Dance will cheer one up a bit.

.http://uk.youtube.com/watch? v=YU3robyaNAY

We would drive up the Avenue, but we haven't got the price
We would skate up the Avenue, but there isn't any ice
We would ride on a bicycle, but we haven't got a bike
So we'll walk up the Avenue
Yes, we'll walk up the Avenue
And to walk up the Avenue's what we like

WHAT THEN OF THAT COMPOST HEAP NONSENSE? That too might be useful for those who live thereby, but most of us do not. It is certainly two miles away from our garden, and pretty inaccessibly located at the top of a Hill. Parish Community charge payers are less than reassured that next year the Compost Heap will become as promised almost Daily

‘ A nice Little Earner’

That is going to interesting, for to date it has cost several thousand pounds, but of course if the price of a barrel of oil is falling then using one’s car to ferry garden refuse will seem less expensive. Then West Tisbury might use it more than it does, none of them ever looks a freebie in the teeth.

I heard tell that the evening before the Iceland Internet Accounts went down the drain, of someone wondering whether the interest to be earned on his money over night, would be more or less than the cost of making an instant money transfer of his cash elsewhere. Fortunately the mathematics was against him, so he effected a CHAPS transfer, and thus saved his nest egg.

There was I wondering whether our money was safe in a High Street Bank, well still am really . Several other ‘Bank and Tiscali Doppelgangers not to forget allegedly a Mrs Morgan Changari ’ seek detail of our family financial particulars. Pretty tempted by that latter enquiry because the person wishes to send me, through Ambassadorial channels a treasure chest of money in exchange for the detail.

What is it that Chap in the local Constabulary tells us ‘ If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is’ Apparently Wiltshire ,Dorset, and Naomi House etc. have all had their funds frozen in Iceland.

1. There are two new Notice Boards in the Village. The one attached to the Post Office; and the other Joy of Joys is seemingly the property of the Parish Council, and intended for the posting of the detail of Public Events. There is something to be glad about, it has room enough for the display two or three different notices. Does one understand that access to the board is via the Parish Clerk in the Donheads?

2. PARISH COUNCIL AGENDA AND MINUTES in Focus or on the Web Site. Despite information to suggest that such is the case, they have not appeared in any of these places for Months and Months. One regrets to hear of the passing of the Focus Web Master, RIP. but surely these Parish Records might better be entered onto Wiltshire Communigate, & The Salisbury District Web Site. One should be able to enter the Name ‘Tisbury’ into Google or whichever, and read of Parish Council Affairs. Please may this be effected, who on the Earth would think to find us under the Name ‘Focus’, especially as no one has been able to so find either Tisbury or West Tisbury there for ages.

3. Are we still short of a PARISH COUNCILLOR? Speak to the Parish Clerk if interested. No idea which the Parish Council Quorum, but there are occasions that attendance drops rather low,

contact : John B. Pope
Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk