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Neapolitan Capers

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Do not forget Madeleine Mc.Cann is still Missing.

Papalscope does understand that many are busy performing more worthwhile tasks than feeding the Internet with opinionated Blogs. Also acknowledges that most persons have better things to do with their time than read any of them.

However the 'Gathering Of The Clans' in Naples this weekend makes one wonder what local Churches have on offer according to their Recent Blogs on this our Community Web Site?

One offers this facetious analysis. 7 Provide Parent Toddler and Youth Groups,
1 A Christian Men’s Network
1 A woman’s Group
2 Counselling
2 Fellowship
2 Bible Study/ Propogation
1 Drop in Centres etc.
1 Has use of a bus.
3 Café Facilities, and Coffee mornings.

If one wishes to indulge in outrageously

The Assemblies of God Offer Prayer with Care, and an Alpha Course. However

Top of the League is our very own Salisbury Cathedral. Which proffers Meditation, Prayer. Sunday School, and Spiritual Development.

contact : John B. Pope
Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk