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A picture for Natural Selection

The Tisbury Parish Council and The Parish Clerk are to be complimented on putting so much positive effort into the recruitment of Candidates willing to stand as Parish Councillors. We have had no Election for over twenty years, and unless there is a sufficiency of Candidates might not have one on 2nd.May next.

In years gone by one detected no such effort to encourage 'new blood'. It was deemed sufficient to post a notice on the appropriate day and see what happened. Possibly some habitués imagined that if there was an insufficiency of candidates not only would that ensure their own return as a Parish Councillor, but allow vacancies that might be filled by co-option of persons they saw as being most suitable. One understands a modest reluctance to put ones name forward for election, but the least respected way of becoming a Councillor is to volunteer to be co-opted as a Councillor immediately after an aborted Election one couldn't be bothered to stand in.

As the current circular states


and explains that you need to be at least 18 years old, be either a British Commonwealth or EU citizen, be on the Electoral Register and have lived or worked in the Parish for one Year. I believe the Terms Electoral Register and Parish refer to the Parish of Tisbury, not the Parish of West Tisbury.

The Term 'YOU' doesn’t signify that you need to be an elderly retired person such as I , nor does one have to be a High Street Trader, or in the Building Trade for what it means is YOU, be YE a Singleton or Married matters not , but if a parent of a young child, you becoming a Councillor would benefit them too for
The future is theirs *, as well as your's.

*The Future is Theirs is a promotional film made by British Overseas Airways Corporation (B.O.A.C.) in the 1950s to advertise the quality and standard of their services.

A picture for Natural Selection

contact : John B. Pope