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Co-option A Head

A picture for More Parish Affairs

Michael Mc Grath, PC.

Sorry to hear, only today though, that Michael McGrath is no longer amongst us. Communications with the Eastern Front still leave a lot to be desired. He was of course an experienced long serving member of The Tisbury Parish Council. After an appropriate interval that Council will need to fill the vacancy he leaves, and hopefully will do so by an even more open process of co-option.

One read there were three who offered their services as Parish Councillor, when Councillor Barnes resigned the seat that Tisbury Parishioners elected him to in May last year. The person co- opted to replace him was the 'first past the post' amidst those then unelected . He happens to be the chair of the Tisbury Business Association. This Parish Councillor was first co- opted to the Tisbury Parish Council as minuted on 12.01.05. by a one vote majority. Undoubtedly an excellent choice but it would be a fine thing if the forthcoming co-option process encouraged 'new blood' that is representative of the rest of us, because for my money there is a danger that village affairs might otherwise seem lop sided.

The Hindon Lane Development.
I crept in there this Sunday Morning, aware that one would not be getting in the way of Messrs Fry's workmen. One hears second hand criticism concerning 'plot ratio' in so far as the site includes large houses with inappropriately small gardens. Well maybe then the houses wont suit everyone, but not everyone wants a garden, after all where would the compost go now that 'Marjorie The Compost Heap' has done a moon light flit ? ( For Music Cut and Paste) https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=yTTrXAE7OPU

It was nice to see Wyndham's Place close up, good of the Parish Council to approve its naming possibly after my way back Cousin, Jane Countess of Downe, unless in its wisdom it was minded to confuse its correspondence , with that of the two other Wyndham addresses served by the Tisbury Post Office. If so did well for we have been fielding the correspondence between a firm of Bailiffs and a Ms. S.C for many months . Her alleged bill well over 200 now, whilst mine to them for secretarial services etc. is but 175. to be paid to the Pembroke Centre of the Wilton Riding for the Disabled. Messrs Fry have built a very attractive Estate over all , despite those work units that Planners required them to build . THESE UNITS SHOULD HAVE BEEN BUILT AT STATION WORKS, rather than occlude the glimpses of fine countryside some other houses there have.

Valete Marjorie (BR) Regrettably previous incarnations of Tisbury Parish Council , minded me of a headless chicken on several issues ,including that ecologically unfriendly Compost Heap of recent memory, which cost thousands of pounds. 17.08.2014

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