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'Pope carries out final engagements. '

A picture for March whines shall blow

Writeth the Guardian 28.02.2013. Suppose none know the day nor the hour, but in the ineffectiveness of elderliness, the least one can do is carry on blogging self righteously, being dispirited by all one sees about one, for things used to be done differently. If the Meek are to inherit the Earth ,it will only be because others having so messed it up, will have abandoned it.

Today the outcome of the Eastleigh Election will be decided, judgement made on all of fourteen candidates, each a man or woman of integrity. However the possibility is that should any of them have figuratively appeared out of the woodwork, one wonders whether their candidacy is counter effective, by which I mean that probably such candidates will be aiding the Candidate each would least like to see elected, for all too often that is what happens, especially when it comes to Our Unitary Authority Elections. These are next scheduled to happen here about on May 2nd.

Last time around twenty six Salisbury area Parishes had no Election due to an in sufficiency of candidates, so for the last five years no Councillors have been called to account. Why should they be ? I am sure all do the very best they can. Possibly though there comes a time sitting Councillors should have said all they had to say on local affairs, and might consider stepping down, especially those Councillors who habitually fail to attend Council Meetings.

It is always exciting, for those expressing an interest in Local Governance, to see whom the various Party Political Machines are to serve up for the Electorate's delectation when it comes to our Unitary Authority. There was once a natural progression through Parish/ Town/ Borough Councils, on through County to Parliament, and thereafter the good boys and girls landed themselves a Sinecured Seat in The House Of Lords. Since Ted Heath's Local Government Reforms of circa 1964, such natural progression doesn't occur, and the local Independent has been displaced by the Party Political Whiz Kid Nominee.

The town of Lymington in Hampshire is always close to my heart. One reads of splendid happenings there. The Conservative Hierarchy having nominated a Candidate whom it seems displeases at least the Chair of the Lymington Branch Conservatives, resulted in her being suspended. Oh why oh why have we no such fun here about?

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