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Bits and pieces

PALM SUNDAY. Having happened on the Church Procession from the Victoria Hall to St. John's Yesterday, thought the least one might do is to perch on a bollard in the Square and watch its passing. When at School alongside the A37 some four hundred or so of us would proceed down the middle of the Main Road rather than down the pavement. Surely a marching procession has every right so to do, what's good enough for the Fosse Way is surely good enough for Tisbury High Street.Did faint heart ever win fair lady?

One recently posted a picture of an Upper Chicksgrove collection of empty aluminium cans on this web site. My collage picture shows another two bags full, together with a picture of a collection of eight plastic fruit trays and wrappers freshly in this weekend. One fears overfilling our domestic dustbin with debris of our fellows, for the blue sticker tells of Maidenhead's refusal to collect a wheelie bin on the basis that it was too heavy.One may wonder whether such Councils are 'our' servants, or whether they think we are theirs. Tisbury has just started bi- weekly collections, that's fine by us, except when treating ourselves to a Crab.

Also in the collage, an item of this Sunday's Fly Posting, then too there was on the TisVis display case a poster advertising a Circus, this thoughtfully obliterating the results of the TisVis Survey IT IS HIGH TIME THAT TISBURY HAD A PROPER DISPLAY BOARD WHERE SUCH NOTICES MIGHT BE DISPLAYED.I wouldn't know if it would be possible to spend some of that four hundred thousand pounds that is coming our way, on such a basic expenditure, but if it is maybe the Parish Council should do so.Why not have such a board in the car park, or at the entry to the Football Field? Two Bijou notice boards provided are totally inadequate to Tisbury's Purposes.There seemed to be enough money for the Parish Council to advise us that the Public Car Park was there by courtesy of the Parish Council when surely what it meant was provided by courtesy of The Parish Of Tisbury!

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