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Ex-Army Officer and ex-Bank Manager

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Alison was an Army Officer for 21 years and Michael worked in banking for 30 years, mainly overseas. We were both made redundant in 1995. We wanted an extra 100 per week to top up our pensions and wanted to work from home. We'd had enough of the 45- year plan. We wanted a career that would enable us to lead a better lifestyle. In our first month, we earned 490 and in our second 890. It worked and now we are earning in excess of 2,000+ pm. We also qualified for two all-expenses paid trips to Monte Carlo and Cairns. It's one of the best things we ever did and wished we'd found Kleeneze years ago.

contact : Michael Ogden
Tel : 01980 626498
Email : kleenezeopportunity@gmail.com
Web : view the web site