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The one that lays the golden eggs.

One has had a lot of Christmas Greetings on line this year, received a number ‘By Hand’ and reciprocated to both likewise; whilst sending others by the trusty Postman. Quite an occupation that. I recall both delivering sorting Post at Reading Post Office in the early 1950‘s, receiving as an under eighteen year old Student worker , nine old pence an hour, which I suppose equates to maybe 3.75 of our new pence. One worked either night or day and had use of the staff canteen should one be able to afford to buy refreshment.

Possibly in those days one could post maybe ninety six cards, for a pound providing the envelope wasn’t sealed. Now days the Mail needs to charge what it needs to charge, which is why so many have abandoned The Post to correspond by electronic mail. That goes at the press of a button and oft precipitates a response in moments.

In the far off days of my youth Christmas used to be heralded by the advent of Albums into W.H.Smith, or one of the large Department Stores. One would borrow these Albums and having selected a card design, return the Album with an order for cards to be printed up in a rather formal manner. I would not doubt this shopping style still persists however for us it barely survived the Forties. More recently than that, someone dreamed up the concept of selling Charity Cards, the which one can buy just about everywhere, so we all do , feeling that one is doing ones bit for the less fortunate. Due to a member of our household’s personal involvement, we have usually bought cards sold by The Pembroke ‘Riding for the Disabled Centre ’ at Wilton, and very good value they are. However one never buys enough of the things, so I sought to top up with other cards in Tisbury.

Yet again the ATM in the High Street, failed to deliver. Possibly it is allergic to me or like the Post office it is disinclined to deal with my Bank, but nice of it to feign interest as half wittedly it enquires if 'I Need more time?' Puts one in mind of that old refrain'Your cheque is in the Post.'

Thus it was having borrowed cash from my wife I launched myself on Tisbury High St. buying first a pack of five cards supporting Marie Curie Cancer that cost over four pounds,for having turned the stock over thought I’d better buy a packet, but as I didn’t care for the ‘Merry Message inside, I moved on to another shop and acquired a rather more tasteful pack of ten cards for the same price these supporting ‘Hope and Homes for Children’ a locally based charity. Thus I bought some of its cards, and too other cards for children, all together with an additional supply of stamps I was down thirty five pounds. Useful as cards are to keep in touch, I feel the money spent on buying and sending Cards, is wasteful of ones charitable intent. Surely the money expended might better be directly paid to a Charity. Possibly Craven Plan who host this site might be minded to set up a Christmas Cards on line facility, users of which being required to make a small contribution to Charities of their choice.

Early this Sunday morning one noted there is an opportunity to buy Christmas Cards for £2 each in one shop or at a discounted price of £1.50 each for ten or more. I really couldnt discern through the shop window which charity these might support. 18.12.2011