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Judicial Doubt

A picture for Judicial Doubt

On August the first this year this web site carried comment concerning various miscarriages of Justice. There was mention made of two local women who were wrongly convicted on murder charges, but more particularly mention was made of Barry George, convicted and likewise imprisoned for the murder of Miss Jill Dando. Mr. Barry George spent eight years in Prison for a crime he did not commit. When a Television programme produced evidence that he was possibly not guilty, he appealed. The Crown Prosecution Service in its wisdom contested the appeal and lost. Today we can add to that sorry list the name Ms Holdsworth, for she too has been declared not guilty of murder after suffering three years imprisonment.

Also this day the Courts have named a current resident of Broadmoor Hospital as the Murderer of Miss Nicholl on Wimbledon Common some eight years ago. The original suspect was found not guilty of the murder, but had spent time in Prison, although he received financial compensation, no doubt there were those who gave a nod and a wink anytime his name was later mentioned.

The Police if not the Crown Prosecution Service have expressed regret for all such miscarriages of Justice, and too regretted that due to its mishandling of the real murderer of Miss Nicholl , he had later murdered another Blonde, together with her child. Regretted too that prior information laid concerning an alleged Rape by this man, had not been followed up.

Then too regrets were recently voiced concerning the man shot in the underground train, due to some misunderstanding.

Righting of miscarriages of Justice, seldom has anything to do with The Crown Prosecution Service, or the Police, or the diligence of the Judiciary. Too often it is some Television Programme that takes the credit for ensuing justice.

The Police Force is under tremendous pressure. The Public expects them to deliver, and it does the best it can. Is there an appalling lack of Leadership in our Police Forces. Would all do better if amalgamated?

Others that might do better include the Crown Prosecution Service, and the whole Legal Process. It is not the affair of any level of the Judiciary ‘to support the Police, or the Crown Prosecution Service’ but it is its job to administer Justice fairly and without favour. Furthermore do it a little quicker than is currently the case.

If ours is the best Legal System, heaven help everyone else. It is time to root and branch prune the whole system, for somewhere canker persists.

If the foregoing seems condemnatory of others, such is not my intent for if blame attaches, IT ATTACHES TO YOU AND I, for without our acquiescence things would not be as they seem to be . It is only too easy to opt for the quiet life, flow along with the tide, be nice, not rock the boat, nor be ‘Un- English’. Not stick ones head above the parapet, but be all things to all people. If pious attend Church, and cry ‘Lord Lord’; or otherwise be conservative with that small ‘c’ .Could it be we are all in dereliction of our duty, by evading the issues confronting the world today.

THE NEW RECTOR OF THE NADDER MINISTRY, was installed by the Bishop of Ramsbury at the Tisbury Parish Church on Wednesday evening, and he and Ruth his lady wife were welcomed by members of his Nadder Congregation. Possibly an evening event precluded the young, but even so one wonders who will replace the elderly, who were there to support the Rev. John Eade at his installation.? Will it be the next swathe of the retired? His is an excellent appointment, the more so as he is a fine representative of the Punting Community.

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Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk