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Humanists in South Wiltshire

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Yes, there are quite a few Humanists in South Wiltshire, in and around Salisbury and south of The Plain. However we don’t have a ‘South Wilts Group’ - we participate in the activities of the South Hampshire Humanists who mostly meet in Southampton. See their web-site for details of the programme. This includes regular full meetings where a presentation is followed by a discussion, discussion meetings in the house of a member, social meetings that may involve a country walk and pub lunch and occasional special events.

Humanist Values
Morality is derived from human experience, reason and knowledge.
In common with other life forms, human beings have evolved over millions of years and are not divine creations.
We can lead happy, creative, fulfilling and meaningful lives on this planet. Our life is the only one we will ever have.
We must take responsibility for our conduct and be concerned for the welfare of the planet.

Useful Links:
www.humanism.org.uk and www.southhantshumanists.org.uk

contact : Malcolm Simmons
Tel : 01722 33 51 99
Email : malcolm@jomalc.co.uk
Web : view the web site