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Howards House Hotel

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Howard's House Hotel is set in two acres of glorious gardens in one of the most beautiful villages in Wiltshire. Hidden away in the quietness of the lovely Nadder valley, Teffont Evias has been owned by the same family since Christopher Mayne bought the estate in 1692 and three hundred years later his direct descendant is Lord of the Manor.

The family has permitted little change during its tenure and Teffont Evias remains much as it was in the 17th century.

Howard's House was built in 1623 for Augustus Hayter, his initials and the date are inscribed in the east gable. In 1837 the house was extended for a member of the Mayne family who was impressed by the Swiss architecture during his Grand Tour. The extension and original house were then roofed in the Swiss style. In 1989 the house was rescued from years of neglect and after extensive renovations the hotel was reopened in 1990.

The elegant restaurant offers cooking of national acclaim which has been continually recognised in the major guides since 1985. Head Chef Boyd McIntosh uses the finest local ingredients to prepare the dishes, supplemented with vegetables and herbs from the hotel gardens. Boyd joined the team in 1998, and was appointed Head Chef in 1999. Both a Table d'Hôte and A la Carte menu are offered to allow customers the best choice.

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