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Wise Head Needed

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that due to the resignation of Mr Terry Barnes, a vacancy has arisen in the Office of Councillor for the Parish Council. ''

Whoops ! Sorry to hear of this resignation, do hope whomsoever is selected to fill this vacancy by co- option will not be yet another local trader, or apparatchik of some Political Party. Do hope any who might be interested are to be better advised that there is such a vacancy on our Parish Council. I happened to see the notice outside the Elizabeth Hall when getting a flu jab, however why oh why wasn't this Election Notice posted on the High Street Notice Board of the Parish Council? I asked a recent past Deputy Chair of the Parish Council about this vacancy, however he knew nothing of it, nor was there any mention of such a vacancy when much of Upper Chicksgrove had assembled at the Chicksgrove Quarry on Wednesday 2nd .October. for tea and biscuits.


Something I did ask at the 'Quarry Meet' was who owns the Cricket Pavilion at Fonthill Bishop, the one to which in its dying breath our last Parish Council Manifestation, gave tens of thousands of Tisbury Parish's money to ? Apparently the Councillor questioned knew not the answer to that one. Is one wrong to suggest that the Pavilion is owned by the Fonthill Estate? Still havenít seen a fixture list for this Cricket Club but there was a picture of its team on the internet a while back, would repost it however it is copyright protected.

Having the 'Quarry' in ones sight one mentioned the proposed amalgamation of Tisbury and West Tisbury Parish Councils. One reads that parts of the West Tisbury Parish Council are rural whilst other parts are Urbanised. Well that is so, but the same applies to Upper Chicksgrove. A while back a suggestion was made that Upper Chicksgrove might be re-designated as a part of West Tisbury. I can not see the logic of that. One reads further of consultation between the two Parishes. If West Tisbury wishes to be consulted on Tisbury Parish Affairs maybe it would do well to amalgamate with Tisbury Parish. As things are West Tisbury gets consulted whilst Upper Chicksgrove and the rest of Tisbury Parish Pays the bills. As for Fonthill Bishop, that isn't in any Parish.

The Proposed Amalgamation of the Two Tisbury Parishes puts one in mind of the abolishment of the House of Lords. Those who get to vote on the matter are doing all right the way things are .Why wasn't this question asked on that exceedingly expensive TisVis questionnaire a way back. You may recall the one that advised that the Village had no wish to see housing built outside the Village Envelope, ie. no houses at Station Works 's former Parmiter Site.

NADDER POLLUTION. Someone upstream has a tendency to throw tree trimmings/ Prunings into the Nadder. One realises the Nadder is more conveniently located than Marjorie the Compost Heap, even so such debris does tend to obstruct the water flow. Might result in the football field being flooded even earlier each year. (Don't for one moment suggest that the problem is cause by Beaver Cubs). 9.10 2013.

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