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A picture for Election-Scandal

Council Election Scandal.

Now that the dust of the District Council Elections is settled, might it be a good time to re-query the Election Process? Why should any individual Elector have more than one Vote to cast in an Election? Some have two, some three. Taking an OVERALL VIEW the person with one vote influences the composition of 16.67% of the Council, a person with two votes influences 33.4% and the person with three votes 49.93% of it. This statistic has nothing do with the number of Ward seats, but has everything to do with the number of Votes a person is allowed to cast.

The vote of an Elector in Ebble Ward should be of no less value than that of an Elector in Wilton Ward or Durrington Ward. At the moment it has a little over a third of the influence of an INDIVIDUAL Durrington Vote.Why should this be?

It is inequitable, it is wrong. The system should be changed so that all Voters have just the one vote to cast. Either the larger Wards should be split up, or they should be zoned. It might easily be done by a touch on a Computer keyboard. It should too be possible operate a system without insurmountable problems at the polling booth. Possibly the Poll Card might double as a vote slip to be delivered to the polling Station BY HAND not Post.

FURTHERMORE In a multiple candidate ward it has been known for a candidate, possibly standing as an Independent to receive over 50% of the votes of the ELECTORATE, and not be elected. Please take my word for it.

Now for the really interesting bit
3 Vote Wards
St.Mark and Stratford ; Alderbury and White Parish;Amesbury East; Bemerton; Downton and Redlynch;Durrington;St.Mark and Stratford;
2 Vote Wards
Bishops Down; Bulford; Fisherton and Bemerton; Harnham East; Harnham West; Laverstock; St.Edmund and Milford; St.Martin and Milford; St.Pauls;Till Valley, Tisbury and Fovant; Upper Bourne;Western and Mere; Wilton; and Winterslow.
1 Vote Wards
Amesbury West; Chalk Valley; Donhead; Ebble;Fonthill and Nadder;Lower Wyle&Woodford Valley. Have but one vote to cast.

contact : John B. Pope
Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk