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Well do you have the X Factor ?

How encouraging to see so much effort put into the hoped for recruitment of all manner of Councillors, possibly it will bestir new recruits. Have you watched the U.tube video, to be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=8Y_CvgVAgvY Did the worthies it features include any of the Unitary Authority's seven Independent Councillors, along with the Conservative,Liberal , Labour and Devizes Guardian, depicted (and Co opted Councillors * ) ? I do hope it did, for Independents are one way or another not only disadvantaged by the voting process, but by the Party machines each such Candidate is up against. All too often their number may include the best Councillors we the Electorate never had, for all are self motivated persons who see a cause to champion and as the 'Voice Over' on this video put it.

'Are willing to stand up and be counted',

More fool Independents for doing such a thing at their own expense , and trying to do it without having someone else hold their hand in the process, especially if as is often the case , one or another of the Political Parties would have welcomed most Independents as their Party Candidate with open arms. The only snag being that Independents are so, because each doesn’t care for the 'Whip' of any of the Political Parties.

Surely all those complaining ' Non Voters' interviewed in this Video are the very persons whom an Independent Candidate seeks to represent ? Unfortunately he or she wont get the chance to do so if such Dissenters stay away from the Poll, for as the County Councillor for Pewsey tells us' Its the peoples choice at the end of the day'. We can not all be Councillors so maybe those 'who complain from the back seat' include some who failed to make it themselves? There is suggestion in the video of 'Dipping ones toe in the water' by first trying to become a School Governor or Parish Councillor, attend meetings of your Area Board, Council or Parish Council thereby experiencing the reality of Local Governance before committing oneself any deeper, for mistakes are all too easily made. If such is the case one might 'Twitter', Blog or write to Newspapers if such is ones wont, never too sure how helpful that is but but doing it makes one feel a lot better.

Extract from Council Web Site.

* Co-opted members of the council

The Council values input from professionals when considering issues that relate to services provided to the people of Wiltshire. To be able to obtain as much input as possible the Council appoints co-opted members to a number of its bodies, both decision- making, and consultative.

Co-opted members can be seen throughout the Council's decision-making structure in a number of different ways.

6th.January 2012. Co-opted members

General co-opted members are people who are chosen by the appropriate body to represent a specific area of interest or issue of consideration. These representatives are not elected members of the Council, and are appointed because of their level of knowledge and experience, such as headteachers, diocesan representatives. These co-opted members make a very useful contribution to discussions and help make the correct decisions in relation to important matters.