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Ebbesbourne Wake Through The Ages

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Ebbesbourne Wake through the Ages describes the development of a small rural village in the English county of Wiltshire. The story is told in the context of an outline of British history from the Neolithic era to just within living memory. Particular attention is paid to how, over centuries, invasions, changes in religion and other national and international events shaped the lives of people in the parish.

This, the third edition of the book, is both the first to be published in electronic format (EWTTA3.pdf), and the first to come with a Supplement (EWTTA3_S.pdf). The Supplement contains annotated transcripts of all seven national censuses for the parish (1841 - 1901) in which individual names are recorded. These seven, the only ones at present available to the public, coincidentally encapsulate the Victorian era.

Both the book and supplement are no longer in print but can be downloaded from this site free of charge. The book is subject to copyright but may be used and distributed freely for research and not-for-profit purposes.

contact : Simon Meers
Email : simonmeers66@gmail.com