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NURSE EDITH CAVELL 1865-October 1 1915


EDITH LOUISA CAVELL. On the first of July 1770, 'our' Richard married Lucy Cavell in the Parish of Egloshayle in Cornwall, she of a well known Cornish Family. One knows that Edith Louisa Cavell was born at Swardeston in Norfolk on December 4th 1865. A daughter of Louisa Sophia Cavell and her husband Frederick. The latter a clergyman. What I would like to know is whence his family came prior to Norfolk and his earlier curacy, for lacking such knowledge one is minded to embroider the known facts, if only on the basis that I have a rather austere undated letter , seemingly written and signed by Edith Cavell to a member of our family. It relates to a birth of my own father's generation. One has a suspicion that the recipient of the letter was maybe a cousin of Edith's. It is just that the letter and the Cavell name together, suggest such to be a probability. Does anyone know of Edith's ancestry, for even the Cavell family would be interested to have such detail, for many others claim kinship. Coincidence is a fine thing, but the afore mentioned Richard's Uncle Thomas, had by his second marriage a son called Joseph, who emigrated to Canada, and his progeny did rather well there. One of Joseph's descendants was Cicily Jane Georgiana Fane ****RCM. born January 1st 1862, she too became famed as the nurse who founded the Canadian Army's Nursing Service, and who was at some time Matron of the Red Cross Hospital at Taplow. Though Georgiana wasn't of Cavell descent she was related to Lucy Cavell's husband Richard. Coincidence of not three years ago the Canadian Government issued a commemorative coin to honour Georgiana, whilst this year The Royal Mint similarly honoured Lucy Cavell who has everybody's respect this weekend. J.B.P. 11/10/2015


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