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Good Health from Gentle Exercise

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Tai Chi (tai-ji) is one of the most complete systems of personal development ever devised. In a Tai Chi work-out, every muscle, ligament, joint, lymph node and internal organ of the body is exercised. The smoothness of Tai Chi practice relieves stress and brings poise and balance to all your movements. When practiced in the mornings the relaxation that Tai Chi develops spills over into the activities of the day.

Suitable for all ages, Tai Chi creates good posture, stamina and muscle tone through gentle exercise, and is particularly beneficial to those under stress or recovering from injury or trauma. Along with Chi Gung (internal energy work), you can learn to develop vibrant health and body flexibility.

Patrick Foley has been practicing for 16 years and is a registered instructor of the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain, and a certified Energy Arts instructor in Dragon and Tiger Chi Gung and Wu style long form. When you first join the school you will learn the Wu Style Short Form, developed by lineage master B.K. Frantzis from the Wu Long Form taught to him by his teacher, the Taoist sage Liu Hung Chieh, himself a disciple of the founder of Wu Style Tai Chi, Wu Jien Chuan.

contact : Patrick Foley
Tel : 01725 514546
Email : teacher@downtontaichi.co.uk
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