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Diana of Wales and Tisbury Matters

A picture for Diana-Princess-of-Wales-and-Tisbury

Whose fault was it this time? The question is not whether The Duchess of Cornwall should or shouldn’t , but why any one thought it a good idea to resurrect old indiscretions by holding such a Public Service just as the ground had begun to settle. None will forget the late Princess, nor forget the inter involvement of the three principal characters, prior to her untimely death. The public is a lot wiser now than most of us were then and some may doubt the wisdom of raking over events, that might better have been left in the hands of the great healer.

There was recently a report in the Tisbury Parish Council minutes that the new Chair would abstain from voting on Planning Matters. ( Presumably therefore will not himself contribute to Planning Debates ?)

This seems something of a novel idea, for two reasons. The second of which concerns the concept of the Chair having a casting vote. Traditionally this was not a proactive discretionary vote, but one that the Chair was obliged to cast in a manner that maintained the Status Quo. For example.
Please may I build a house here?
RESULT OF VOTE betwixt eleven Councillors six Councillors vote for, Five against. Then the Chair is expected to vote for Refusal. This produces an impasse. What happens then when the vote is six a side?
Had the Chairman not abrogated the use of his own vote, then it might well still have been an impasse, but then the Chair uses its casting vote in a manner to maintain that Status Quo, possibly by doing so voting against himself. That was the way things were in days of yore.

Discussions with our Neighbours concerning the Public Lavatory. Maybe such discussion should best be on the basis that the cost of funding these loos is shared between the Parishes. Possibly the 2007 manifestation of the Tisbury Parish Council, will appreciate that Tisbury and Tisbury West, if not too Fonthill Gifford , might amalgamate, to the financial benefit of all who contribute to the Parishes Precepts. It is inexcusable to hire separate Parish Clerks, and separate Meeting places etc. etc., let alone seek so many Parish Councillors. Has Fonthill acquired any of them as yet?

ONE FURTHER NOTES -that a decision has been reached concerning that piece of land that is to be gifted to the community when the Hindon Lane development is effected. Seemingly sixteen members of the Public out of the twenty six who seemingly attended the meeting voted that the ground be used for a car parking area. Eight voted that this proposed swim pool area be used for a sports pitch or other youth activity space. Apparently no one wished to see affordable housing on the site. The Parish Council went along with the suggestions made. The twenty six members of the Public who made it to the meeting must should be commended for their vigilance. Few were aware that the matter was to be considered prior to the July Parish Council Meeting. I was unaware that the Agenda appeared on the Council Web site. At an earlier meeting the Chairman of the Parish Council kindly advised me that the decision on the swim pool area was one for the people of Tisbury to decide. I really do not think that sixteen members of the public represents the voice of Tisbury. Goodness me it is hardly more than the quantum of the recent Parish Council. One wonders how many of those sixteen who voted have a personal interest in what is the convenience of Hindon Lane in particular.

LIVING RIVER PROJECT. Please take notice if there is to be a foot path from Tisbury to Salisbury, it will not transverse my piece of River Frontage at Upper Chicksgrove.

TIS VIS. And The Tisbury Plan. When is the great Tisbury Public to see this report that has cost so dear?

Great to see all this ‘fly posting’ concerning Nadder Hall Music Café. One hopes the Hall is proving to be an attractive venue.

A while ago there was an Ecclesiastic’s suggestion that Tisbury needed a central café as a meeting point for the community ( Tisbury West would not be excluded). Would not St John’s be an excellent venue for that? What a shame that our Village’s Church does not contribute far more to the Community than it already does. Prior to Victorian Times such was the norm. One reads that Hindon PARISH CHURCH seeks funding that will enable it to host non liturgical events.

Tisbury is littered with the debris of Christian Worship reincarnated as Domestic Accommodation. Most Churches were originally financed by their Community; one way or another whether willingly or not. It is financially incongruous to expect dwindling congregations to maintain them. Retrenchment relocated Tisbury West’s Church of St. Andrew , into St John’s Tisbury.
Without being too specific the Temples of Christendom are at risk. Possibly not here in Tisbury but certainly enough elsewhere. If Parish Churches were again centres of Social activity, then their maintenance could be a burden more willingly shouldered by the many. Paltry village halls came into being when Parish Councils were instituted in 1892. Hence names such as the Victoria Hall. Was ours subsequently purchased as a War Memorial ? Few things are lovelier to behold than a village Church and all that goes with it, but unless appropriate steps are taken , things soon ‘ain’t going to be what they used to be.’

District Councillor Mrs Chettleburgh who I believe once lived in Tisbury , is hosting a theme of ‘Faiths in the Community’ At the time of writing this the only Faiths that have thus far appeared on the South Wilts Community Web Site have been those that might widely be described of the Christian Communion. Is it not time for the whole Christian Communion to re-amalgamate; or are these some of the many ‘rooms in my father’s house?’ One of the main stumbling blocks about that is the matter of the ‘Establishment’ of the Church of England. We have so many immigrants who actually ATTEND other denominations that the Status of the Church of England is something of an anachronism. 28.08.07.

contact : John B. Pope