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A picture for Could do Better

An occupational hazard of the ageing is attendance at other persons' funerals all be it as a bit part player. One hears mention from fellow mourners that they have another to attend next week. Come to think of it so have I, so there comes a time one wonders in which capacity one will be attending the funeral after that. On the way to 'our' funeral we happened on a' road kill' hen pheasant whose remains were attended by her obviously distressed partner. The day before there was a piece on the Television that showed a swan which some cretin had killed with the bolt from a cross bow. A funerary arrangement following that incident, was ensuring that the bird's partner should view the body, so that he or she might move on, for seemingly Swans are monogamous for life.

Guilty of Manslaughter verdicts were recorded yesterday in the case of those six children killed in an house fire, and all will grieve for the children's circumstance, as too for the pointless slaughter of others none of us know, at every internecine conflict. Things always were so since the days of 'Cain and Abel' so who can doubt they ever more shall be so, for what can the like of us do to make things better? Fraternise and participate more, donate what one can to the Poppy Appeal or innumerable good causes, attend places of Religious Congregation, Help out at the Trussell Trust, OXFAM, Save the Children , Tend the sick and visit the Imprisoned, or write opinionated Blogs etc. etc. ? Yes of course, but all such things are but as the application of analgesia and sticking plaster to running sores. Much though such relief is welcomed by the recipient and eases the Social Awareness of those so generous with their time and effort, the root causes of such suffering are ever fuelling the despair of the innocent. Regrettably we are all implicated in such oppression by what some term 'Sins of Omission' rather than 'Of Commission.'

If such is so, what might one encourage ? Possibly for Starters all these different Shades of Christianity should get their Acts together for severally, they have already become Sectarian irrelevances in the Western World. Praying for unity is but procrastination, for the need is for 'Jam today not Jam tomorrow.' There are signs that the New Archbishop and the New Pope have laced their Spirituality with Practicality. Pomp and Circumstance is a wondrous sight to behold ,but be it in Church or State its akin to a Theatrical Presentation. One that hopefully will enhance the credibility of those holding high office, in the eyes the Majority from 'Central Casting' whether we realise ourselves to be of that ilk or not . The days of deference are no more and gold braid and its like, mind one if not of decorations on a Christmas Tree, then the content of the childrenís dressing up box.

One is promised that wondrous things are to be performed ' After the next Election' that might be so, but we were promised the same things would come about after the last Election. Little changed for promises were reneged upon. I donít suppose those we elect to Parliament stand for Election with anything other than good intent, however it is regrettable that we live in the age of the Career Politician, be he or she Parliamentarian, or Councillor, too few seem willing to rock the boat, for being in Government becomes more important than one's Personal Mission Statement. Politics is the art of the possible, since such is the case why do so many politicians campaign on Manifestos of Smoke and Mirrors ?

I suppose as usual Parish Councillors will remain unelected because too few stood for Office, but that our Unitary Council Nominations List, and too those of County and District Councils elsewhere, will be over stocked with No- Hopers standing in protest about this that or the other. Unfortunately despite their good intent, all such Swansongs will do, is slew election results to favour the Political Party each is protesting against.


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