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Chalke Valley Table Tennis Club (CVTTC)

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The Chalke Valley Table Tennis Club is based in the Chalke Valley Sports Centre, at Broad Chalke. The Club meets every Sunday evening in the Sports Centre from 6.30pm to 10pm approximately, but the first hour 6.30pm to 7.30pm, is for Under 15 year olds. The Club does meet on other evening during the week, but as the facility is shared with other clubs, these evenings can change from week to week. The Club was founded in 1968, from the local village Youth Club, and at that time the Club played its league matches in Broad Chalke Village Hall. After the first Season, the club became known as Broad Chalke Table Tennis Club, and started looking for its own premises.

If you are interested come and join our club. We have 3 qualified coaches, for junior, and senior coaching. Membership Fees are as follows. Under 18 years 5.00 18 to 64 years 10.00 Over 64 years 5.00. Our current membership age range is from 10 years old to 90 years old.

For Updated information, please visit The Chalke Valley Sports Centre Site at www.southwilts.com/site/Chalke-Valley- Sports-Centre/Index.htm

contact : Malcolm J Penney
Tel : 01722 781139
Email : malcjp@uwclub.net
Web : view the web site