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More often than not successive Governments Gain power because a majority of the Electorate is peeved by the incompetence of the Government that precedes it.

Few are supportive of a particular Political Party because they are impressed by the alleged wisdom or sagacity, of its leadership, nor care which a Party name, or which the colour of its favour. Surely one votes as one does in the belief that those one helps elect will champion the causes that the voter believes in.

Unfortunately few Politicians seem to have any sort of gut reaction to anything. Of course Government always needs to modulate its creed in deference to Public Opinion, but when it is seemingly necessary to abandon the age old principles that a party has long held sacrosanct, then it makes voters feel such a Political Party has been hijacked by ‘Carpetbaggers’; persons who are willing to trade any principle for personal advancement.

I owe nothing to any Political Party, nor care two hoots for any Party in particular because over the years the Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties have all wrought both good and evil upon our Country. Fortunately the evil usually manifests as no more than incompetence. Such might be the Verdict of both the more recent Labour and Conservative Administrations. Who can remember the record of the Liberal/Democrats?

People either fail to vote in elections or voice their protest peripherally by voting for one of the plethora of ‘alternative’ candidates all of whom seem to be sincere in their beliefs, although most may realise they have little prospect of actual success.

Unfortunately Grass root opinion been surrendered to the new God of Political correctness, old think has been subjugated not so much to Revisionism as Orwellian newspeak.

If only with benefit of hind sight surely now the majority of us know where our country has gone and is still going astray. If instead of pussy footing around the Political Arena, the Conservative Party voiced not the egregious opinions of some ‘Think Tank’ but the well established legitimate aspirations of Conservatism, then disaffected voters might return even to their fold.

If any Party considers that it is in the best interest of our children to surrender Grammar School Standards to the mediocrity of an Education system that fails children from the day they leave Primary School to the day each who is so un-fortunate, leaves a ‘soi disant’ University; then it will have to do without my vote.

contact : JOHN B. POPE