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Happy 130th birthday to Ernest Brownfield Pope, born on September 8th 1884 at Bridge Avenue Hammersmith in which Borough his family were to be in business for near on 200 years father to son, A similar greeting to Thomas Cook who on the same day ran his first holiday excursion, this from Derby to the East Coast, utilising The Midland and Great Eastern Railway. Curiously Ernestís elder daughter, widowed by the Arnhem Campaign, became the second wife of the divorced Grandson of a co- founder of that railway, thereby too the daughter in law of one of its Directors.

How loose can a connection be ? I have many such familial tales stretching from the very highest in the land down to my good self. Being the eldest survivor, who better to embellish History than I. Actually posting it all on line will be a different matter, get a web site going any year now.

CHICKSGROVE MILL. PLANNING APP. 14/07810/FUL Very attractive seven bedroom property, unsold these many months for circa two and a half million pounds. It would be understandable if an owner had the whiz idea of letting off all those bedrooms to paying guests, however the neighbours are sceptical about the expressed intent of a Hammersmith Baronet to purchase the property with the intent of starting a B&B. I think anyone who swallows that would need to be very naÔve. The application suggests turning what until recently had been a double garage into staff accommodation as too another building. Then there is to be a swimming pool, and two other garages, and parking for fourteen cars, not to mention a rubbish skip. As B&Bís go, it will be very expensive accommodation.

One suspects it is intended that this house becomes a Boutique Hotel and Restaurant, if not just an annexe to an existing Tisbury Hostelry. Nice to hear more facts anon.

contact : John B.Pope