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Burnbake Trust Arts Project

A picture for Burnbake Trust Arts Project

The Burnbake Trust Arts Project

Eva Hogendoorn
Arts Project Manager

Tel. 01722 744178
(Tues & Fri, between 08:00 - 15:00)

Fax. 01722 744787

29 North Street,
Wilton, Salisbury,
Wiltshire, SP2 0HE

Email: eva.burnbaketrust@yahoo.co.uk

Charity No; 291726

The Burnbake Trust Arts Project

The late Jean Davis founded the Burnbake Trust in 1968
to help offenders and ex-offenders keep out of the penal
system by introducing them to the arts.

The Trust was registered as a charity in 1975 and now,
in addition to the work it does with offenders, has
diversified and helps disadvantaged local people by
supplying them with low-cost furniture and household goods.

The Burnbake Trust Arts Project is committed to aid
rehabilitation of offenders through active participation
in the arts.

How We Operate:

The Trust supplies art materials averaging 50.00
per person to offenders who register with us by post.

These materials are supplied for cell recreation,
or as part of an educational programme. The individuals
are invited to submit finished work that is exhibited,
and in most cases, sold for them.

When a painting is sold, any surplus money after
deduction of expenses is credited to the artist,
enabling them to purchase more materials to sustain
their own work.

This step, we feel, is crucial in building confidence
and developing a sense of self-worth, which are important
steps in the artist's eventual rehabilitation.

How We Are Funded:

We recieve no Government funding, and are responsible
for our own fund-raising. We run a tight budget and
keep our overheads to a minimum. Fund- raising for any
charity is never easy, and ours is a less glamorous
cause than many. Fortunately, there are people out there
who firmly believe in the real worth of the Project, and
through their generous support we are able to continue
from one year to another.

Project Summary

The Arts Project is a much-needed support unit for
many people in prison, and for those who have left.
It gives a channel for their artistic talent, and
a sense of belonging, often things which have been
missing from their lives.

The Arts Project is not just about exhibiting brilliant
artists' work, it is about allowing artists to explore
sides of themselves that they never knew existed,
or had previously been unable to reach.

contact : Eva Hogendoorn
Tel : 01722 744178
Email : eva.burnbaketrust@yahoo.co.uk