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A Billing Problem ?

A picture for Beware of Electrical Fault


Today one received ones latest account from this Supplier, which had previously announced an intention to raise its Tariff on the 13th. September from 11.52 pence a unit to 12.06pence a unit.

Though one might have expected SEB to read ones meter on or about that date, it did no such thing. Preferring to Estimate the amount of electricity used since its previous Estimated account to the 23. June’ which followed its Estimated Account from 18thDec.2010 to 23 March 2011, which in turn followed on from the previous estimated quarter 21 September 2010 to 17th Dec. 2010, which needlessly to tell followed on the Estimated Account for the period June to Sept 2009, but what Joy seemingly the meter was read for the quarter to June 24.2010. So much for the company reading meters four times a year.


BECAUSE. This Company having under estimated my account on my current bill, stood to make an unwarranted profit on my next quarter’s account ( As too this Quarter’s) There is a technical term to describe such a thing, but for the life of me I cant remember what the word is.

Possibly all need to check their Meter Readings, lest you too succumb to the same unintentional error of accounting.

Do you ken the Scottish saying ‘Many a mickel maks a muckle.’

Read your meter and advise the SEB 0800 220 995

contact : John B. Pope
Wyndhams, Chicksgrove
Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk