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Bt. Hub 5 Connection or Misconception?


Are you really getting what you are paying for, or is it that you believe what you are being told. Though told the lowest speed I could expect from Bt.Infinity was 35mbs one gets only just 13.3 mbs. Possibly those who live in Tisbury Village get all they are promised, however the eastern frontier of the parish doesn’t. That is perfectly understandable living as we do at the far end of two miles of ancient copper wiring. What one objects to, is paying for a faster connection and receiving a speed lower than the 17Mb broadband recently offered me by Bt. For £4.50 a month for 12 months plus line rental. Purely out of interest it might be an idea to check the speed of your connection using Bt’s own meter to be found on line

One needs to use this particular site rather than the one more prominently displayed by Google, for that is a paid for advertisement, seemingly placed by Bt. that reiterates its aspirations, rather than the facts of the case.

What though of your alleged usage allowance of maybe 20GB. Are you getting that , or are Bt’s wires crossed. Independent metering of usage is available on the internet. According to which I use something under 2gbs. A month. One understands that even normal usage is only12.Gbs per month amongst those who download music and similar files, whilst games tend to use a great many Gigabytes. Since I signed up for unlimited usage of the Internet, one wonders why one receives messages telling that one has used up 18 of ones 20 Gb. Per month allowance, so maybe I should buy more space. Does Bt’s left hand know what its right is doing ?

One hears from others complaint of the alleged poor service delivered by Bt. etal. If you have cause for complaint maybe you too should make it known to every one, from our member of Parliament, through County Councillor or even Parish Councillors , or failing all else advise‘ofcom.’

In the Daily Mail yesterday there was an article bearing on the woes of a couple in their dealings with Bt. By lunchtime yesterday 1.1 K readers had added comment of their own, at which time the counting mechanism seemed to have failed. Maybe the Proprietor of the Daily Mail, who lives locally, might have been one of the complainants ?


contact : John B. Pope