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There is a request in to the Area Board and Tisbury Parish Council for Financial Support for a Brocante Fair to be held in Tisbury, by The Tisbury Business Association. Apparently the Parish Council is minded to support the idea possibly to the extent of guaranteeing expenses to £2,500. I make no suggestion that West Tisbury Parish Council is involved. What the TBA wish to do is no concern of mind, but I very much object to Any of the Tisbury Parish Precept being so hazarded. Thus have written to The County.

Request for area board grant ID 1109 started 7.1.2015

I quote from Application:

Tisbury Parish Council and Tisbury Business Association hope to be working together to present ‘The Great Tisbury Brocante’ – a fun weekend of vintage fairs; ‘vide-greniers’ (i.e. mini- jumble sales) and antique markets involving the whole village. It should be fun – an occasion to welcome visitors to the village; showcase Tisbury and promote local businesses.

(Puts one in mind of an announcement by Ruth Maddock of Maplin's Holiday Camp.')

What the Tisbury Business Association might wish to promote is its own affair. However as a local Community Charge Payer, I very much object to The Tisbury Parish Council guaranteeing any amount of money from its Precept for this proposed nonsense, nor do I see any call for Area to provide any of the cash requested. Has there been a feasibility study for this proposed event. Where will everyone park their cars for one thing? What now of the Wilton car boot Sale?

One believes The Tisbury Business Association, took this idea off the local Antiques Trade, and then ' ran 'with it. If the TBA consider the proposed budget for the event is the basis for making any sort of a profit, then it is hardly surprising if local Businesses need promoting. Its nice to have shops but even in my thirty five years here, one has seen shops come and go. Most recently we have lost both an Estate Agency and a Pet Food shop. The latter having taken space in another business owned by the family. Maybe the village has more shops than trade to support them? Those who do not shop in Tisbury tend to shop in either Shaftesbury or Gillingham, but not least in Salisbury. Some do so for that is where they work, and school their older children. It would be a rather better idea to make Station Works attractive as an employment centre for the village, rather than seemingly encourage its redevelopment for housing.

Times are a changing, its no good adopting the stance of King Canute in the hope of repelling the tide. Please let us not put good money after bad. Possibly a corner shop on the Fry's Hindon Lane Development might have been a good idea, but apparently a shop there, would have taken Trade away from the High Street, especially as our huddled masses will soon be converging on the Tisbury Area Campus.

contact : John B. Pope
Email : brownfieldpope@gmail.com