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Avenue to Amalgamation

A picture for Avenue twixt Tisbury and West Tisbury

Splendid that ‘The Avenue’ in Tisbury has been resurfaced, does this signify a rapprochement between Tisbury and West Tisbury? The Chairperson of Tisbury Parish Council lives at one end of the resurfacing, whilst the Post Office run by the husband of the West Tisbury Parish Clerk is at the other.

I suppose that job done, the rest of the Parish will have to put up with its Pot Holes and Craters a while longer.

RUSTLINGS IN THE HUSTINGS. There is an account on this Community Web under ‘Tisbury Area’ of the recent Question and Answer session attended by candidates standing for election to Parliament . Unlike the Tisbury Parish Council Web Site access is available without using an undisclosed Pass Word. 18th April 2010

contact : John B. Pope
Email : pionono@tiscali.co.uk