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Angela Cannings Foundation

There is something Rotten in the British Legal System. It may be that our confrontational trials are not all they are ‘cracked up’ to be. Too many Miscarriages of Justice are brought to light by the Media rather than by the due diligence of the Judiciary. Receiving the Queen’s Pardon rather than an acknowledgement of innocence, is but an archaic device to obviate any necessity for either an apology to be given, or for compensation to be paid. It really is time to prune the Legal Process Root and Branch. Maybe we should adopt the Continental System of an Examining Magistrate in Criminal cases. The Crown Prosecution Service, along with some of its Expert Witnesses, seems unfit for purpose. Furthermore all those wigs and gowns would best be consigned to the Dressing Up Box. Fancy dress is better suited to playing Charades, than to the deliverance of Justice be it Civil or Criminal. All Justice has become too expensive even for the middle Income Group’s purse. If we really have, or even ever had the best system of justice in the world, it is nothing to shout about from the roof tops.

THE ANGELA CANNINGS FOUNDATION, has been launched its purpose is to provide support for persons wrongly convicted in circumstances similar to those that led to the imprisonment of both the Late Sally Clark, and Angela Cannings. I know nothing of Mrs Cannings except that she was an Innocent local mother sent to prison in OUR name.

Sally Clark née Sally Lockyer was I believe an old Girl of the South Wilts Grammar School in Salisbury. Her father was sometime the Chairman of the Governors there, and served on the PTA. He was too our Divisional Superintendent of Police. In his retirement he was a driving force behind the Salisbury Cathedral Spire Restoration Fund, and he played a part in the Appointments Board to the local Civil Service. My only point in mentioning him is that if such a mis- carriage of justice can befall his family, then it is something that might befall any of us.

Let Right Be Done.

Not entirely relevant but none the less very interesting.

Petition of Right, 1628
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Petition of Right
This article is about the constitutional prelude to the English Civil War. For the pre-1947 contractual remedy against the Crown, see: petition of right.
The Petition of Right is a document produced by the English Parliament in the run-up to the English Civil War. It was addressed to Charles I of England in 1628 in an attempt to seek redress on the following points:
Forced loans
Arbitrary arrest
Imprisonment contrary to the Magna Carta
Arbitrary interference with property rights
Lack of enforcement of habeas corpus
Forced billeting of troops
Imposition of martial law
Exemption of officials from due process
The petition had the support of Sir Edward Coke; John Pym claimed that the rights herein demanded predated even the Norman conquest and were confirmed by successive kings. The King was under great financial pressure, and agreed in June to look into the "abuses", but maintained his prerogative rights.

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