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More Baci from Perugia

A picture for Amanda Knox

Faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.*

This concerns Amanda Knox who has mounted an appeal against her conviction for a murder that happened in Perugia Italy some three years ago. One presumes that the Court will give due consideration to the evidence and then decide whether to allow the appeal or not, why therefore are some of us who havenít heard the evidence, so swift to condemn ?

The Daily Mail on Line makes provision for its readers comments, and make it possible for other readers to vote on each. Top of the 'Pops' this Sunday night with a balance of 377 votes in favour of it reads as follows;

'Pale and gaunt? Meredith is dead, not pale and gaunt, and she never did anything to anyone. Playing for sympathy more like, she doesn't look thin or ill. She has told so many lies I wonder what the next one will be. She can't change those hard cold eyes, and she can't change her black heart. In that first picture as she looks upward with that sly, horrible smile she looks so manipulative and ugly.† Well done Italy for not falling for this circus of play acting she has created.' - Marie., Lancs, 11/12/2010 11:45

Those of us less willing to throw the first stone faired less well. The comment Readers most disliked was;

'She's unquestionably innocent of murder! nasty vitriolic people claim she's guilty, and that only on the basis of eccentric behaviour for which we're all guilty.' reg maive, london, 11/12/2010 11:46 Whilst my offering was seemingly worth an each way bet as it garnered but 177 demerits.

'Amanda Knox's conviction seems an unsafe decision which hopefully' the powers that be' will reverse. Which ever, she seems to be in enough difficulty without the Italian Police force seeking redress for an alleged libel against them.'

One commented on the original trial under the title of Baci from Perugia on December 5th. 2009.
*1 Corinthians 13:13†

contact : John B. Pope