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Airsoft is one of the faster growing sports in the UK. It is a controversial sport for some people. In 2007 the VCRA (violent crimes reduction act) came into play and made all airsoft guns become 51% bright or clear colour unless you are registered at a legal airsoft site and play at least twice in no less than 3 months. The three main airsoft businesses are the production of the equipment, retail ,and the airsoft site owners and wardens. I believe that airsoft is a brilliant sport as it offers exercise and protects our woodland and wildlife as well as being extremely good fun and an effective stress relief; However some people believe airsoft to be a violent and aggressive sport which they believe can be a bad influence on the younger generation and promotes the use of guns and violence when not in the controlled environment. However this remains to be open to opinion and personal beliefs. The current problem for airsoft businesses is noise pollution and the disruption caused for those neighbouring the skirmish sites.

UKARA act came in during October 2007 after airsoft players and site owners struggled to justify the use of rifs (realistic imitations firearms) for a game where there had been a few incidents when they have been taken out in public and mistaken them for real firearms that is why you must be a registered airsoft user to own a RIF otherwise you must use a 'two tone' airsoft gun, there is not an age limit for these ones but the purchasers must be 18 or older and parent /guardian supervision is suggested.

Paint ball is the main rival to airsoft even though the prices are similar after you have bought the more expensive ammo and the arenas are often smaller and simpler equipment which is more reliable and cheaper to maintain. however airsoft in my opinion is far more fun with tactics playing a larger part and high capacity magazines and cheap ammo capable of firing 800 rounds a minute brilliant for suppressive fire (excellent fun) and several magazines for rapid reloading and that satisfying click of the magazine locking into place and the variety of armaments offering a choice of attributes to the owner to suit their unique style as well as possible. in addition to this i believe that airsoft is a more advanced and enjoyable, enthusiasts sport that's diversable and has benefits physically and socially and as long as it is enjoyed responsible is a brilliant sport for all ages and teaches the younger generation to take responsibility and handle guns with caution and safety.

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