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An Opportunity

INVESTMENT ADVICE FROM GENERAL WRANT. As things are for others, so too are things for Lady Phyllis and I. Our Banks pay next to no interest on our savings, and the value of our share portfolio is on the way down.However after all my years of service in the Army one has learned to see opportunity in adversity, and having scouted around have identified a chance for profitable reinvestment arising from what the Banker Chappies refer to as Quantitative Easing. We are taking our savings out of the Bank, and buying shares in British Companies which manufacture WHEELBARROWS. Very soon when the Inflationary Effect of Quantitative Easing hits us, everyone is going to need a wheelbarrow in which to transport cash when shopping. I recommend this as the soundest Investment advice since Job Cleanands recommended the purchase of 'Parachikka Chlorates', from which he probably made a fortune. 15.05.2012.