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My ancestor did THAT?

A picture for ANCESTORS

My great great grandfather Benjamin Mellor was born in 1828 and married Ann Atkin in 1856. They had 22 children of which 17 survived. 3 died at birth and 2 in early childhood. My great grandmother was born in 1876 and was the 14th. She is sitting at the end of the middle row on the right.

In the 'Sheffield Weekly Telegraph' of 24 May 1890 there is an article where my great great grandmother won a competition for the largest family and was awarded 2 guineas. The article said, 'The family all dined together on Good Friday, including 2 young men from the States at Schoolclough, all healthy and well. Mr Mellor is a grand type of an English farmer and yeoman and Mrs M is the model of a good wife and mother' Quite an achievement!

Several members of the Sarum U3A have joined a group to investigate our ancestors. some of us have been doing it for sometime but others have only just started with only vague ideas of their family's past. Using online records in particular, stories are emerging and there have been several surprises with the exclamation 'My ancestor did that?' frequently uttered. If you are interested in tracing your family tree then you will find this website will help you get started.

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