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WWCV Winter Tasks

Last Updated 29 January 2018 15:38

Our Work Programme for Winter 2017- 2018

Please contact us if you would like to have a copy by post or by email

Geoff Parsons
Upper Flat
30 Studley Rise
Trowbridge BA14 0PH
Phone: 01225 774540

September Sat 23 Blackmoor Copse 14A January Sat 6 Pepperbox Hill 16C
Sun 24 Morgan's Hill 10A Sun 7 Widbrook Wood (West) 11B
Sat 30 Coombe Bissett Down 15A Sat 13 Morgan's Hill 10B
October Sun 1 Clouts Wood 5A Sun 14 Clouts Wood 5D
Sat 7 Pepperbox Hill 16A Sat 20 Coombe Bissett Down 15D
Sun 8 Lower Moor Farm 3A Sun 21 Ravensroost Wood 1D
Sat 14 Middleton Down 17A Sat 27 Blackmoor Copse 14C
Sun 15 Ravensroost Wood 1A February Sun 4 Ham Hill 8B
Sun 22 Ham Hill 8A Sat 10 Pepperbox Hill 16D
Sat 28 Martin Down 18A Sun 11 Clouts Wood 5E
Sun 29 Widbrook Wood (East) 11A Sat 17 Middleton Down 17B
November Sat 4 Pepperbox Hill 16B Sun 18 Ravensroost Wood 1E
Sun 5 Clouts Wood 5B Sat 24 Blackmoor Copse 14D
Sat 11 Blackmoor Copse 14B Sun 25 Penn Wood 6B
Sun 12 Penn Wood 6A March Sun 4 Clouts Wood 5F
Sat 18 Coombe Bissett Down 15B Sat 10 Emmett Hill Meadows 4A
Sun 19 Ravensroost Wood 1B Sat 10 Blackmoor Copse 14E
Sun 26 Ramsbury Meadows 7A Sun 18 Ravensroost Wood 1F
December Sun 3 Green Lane Wood 12A Sun 25 Lower Moor Farm 3B
Sun 3 The Firs 2A
Sat 9 Martin Down 18B
Sun 10 Clouts Wood 5C
Sat 16 Coombe Bissett Down 15C
Sun 17 Ravensroost Wood 1C

1. Ravensroost Wood Malmesbury  Woodland management.
Meeting place: SU023877
The car park at the southern side of the wood.
Leader: Richard Aisbitt 01793 694680
A - Sun 15th October, B - Sun 19th November, C - Sun 17th December, D - Sun 21st January, E - Sun 18th February, F - Sun 18th March

2. The Firs Royal Wootton Bassett Woodland management.
Meeting place: SU047864
On the north side of Wood Lane running between the B4042 and B4606. Park on verge by the Entrance Gate.
Leader: Richard Aisbitt 01793 694680
A - Sun 3rd December

3. Lower Moor Farm Malmesbury   .
Meeting place: SU007939
From Oaksey go towards Somerford Keynes for about 1 mile, cross the railway line then about 75 metres after the S-bend the entrance is on right. From the A419 go over the crossroads and the entrance is 2.5 miles on the left. Park at the visitor centre.
Leader: Richard Aisbitt 01793 694680
A - Sun 8th October, B - Sun 25th March

4. Emmett Hill Meadows Minety   .
Meeting place: SU010907
Park on south side of road on verge, between Minety and Upper Minety, west of Dog Trap Lane.
Leader: Richard Aisbitt 01793 694680
A - Sat 10th March

5. Clouts Wood Wroughton  Woodland management.
Meeting place: SU138794
Drive into the entrance of Wroughton airfield on the east of the A4361 and book in at the office. Follow the road to the left and park behind hanger D4 on the southeast corner of the wood.
This may change so check with the leader before the task.
Leader: Richard Aisbitt 01793 694680
A - Sun 1st October, B - Sun 5th November, C - Sun 10th December, D - Sun 14th January, E - Sun 11th February, F - Sun 4th March

6. Penn Wood Calne   Path management.
Meeting place: SU012728
From Calne town centre take Oxford road towards Swindon and turn right onto High Penn track (before the A3102 roundabout); from A3102 north of Calne, take the ‘Town Centre Only’ road at the roundabout, then turn left onto High Penn track. Follow the track uphill to the car park.
Leader: Laurie Lovelace 01672 564399
A - Sun 12th November, B - Sun 25th February

7. Ramsbury Meadows Marlborough  .
Meeting place: SU273714
Park in the High Street, Ramsbury. The reserve entrance is from the path on the left side of the Fire Station.
Leader: Laurie Lovelace 01672 564399
A - Sun 26th November

8. Ham Hill Hungerford  Scrub clearance.
Meeting place: SU334616
From the A338 Burbage to Hungerford road turn towards Shalbourne and Ham. Go through Ham heading south. The reserve is on the left side of the road around ¾ mile outside of the village. Continue along the road up the hill and take the next left turn, park here on the verge of the road to Buttermere.
Leader: Laurie Lovelace 01672 564399
A - Sun 22nd October, B - Sun 4th February

9. Jones's Mill Pewsey   Wetland Management.
Meeting place: SU170610
From Pewsey centre, take the High Street (B3087) towards Milton Lilbourne and Burbage. Outside of Pewsey, turn left down Dursden Lane, just before a white cottage. Cross over the railway bridge and reserve entrance is on left with a small parking area.
Leader: Laurie Lovelace 01672 564399
A - Wed

10. Morgan's Hill Devizes .
Meeting place: SU019672
From Devizes head north along A361 towards Swindon. Take first left towards Calne. After about 2 miles take first right after golf course, signposted Smallgrain Picnic Area. Walk up grass slope towards the byway, turn right and and the reserve is 0.5 miles on the right.
Leader: Richard Aisbitt 01793 694680
A - Sun 24th September, B - Sat 13th January

11. Widbrook Wood Trowbridge .
East: Meeting place: ST848596
In Trowbridge, park in small car park at entrance to Airsprung Beds (Brick Lane off Canal Road). Follow footpath through factory (keeping to the designated route), cross the canal and turn left. Meeting point is signposted about 750m on the right.
A - Sun 29th October
West: Meeting place: ST842595
In Bradford-on-Avon, park on the Trowbridge Road end of Moulton Drive. Cross the road and walk along the towpath towards Trowbridge. The meeting point is signposted about 750m on the left.
B - Sun 7th January
Leader: Barbara Stiddard 01373 865060

12. Green Lane Wood Trowbridge  .
Meeting place: ST882571
From A350 about half way between the Stony Gutter crossroads and West Ashton, opposite a layby, turn west into the lane to Armouracre Farm. Park at the end of the lane near the gate into the wood.
Leader: Richard Aisbitt 01793 694680
A - Sun 3rd December

13. Clanger Wood Yarnbrook  Woodland management.
Meeting place: ST873538
The entrance to the wood is on the A350, ¾ mile south of Yarnbrook roundabout. Meet at the main gate.
Leader: Barbara Stiddard 01373 865060
A - Wed

14. Blackmoor Copse Salisbury  Woodland management.
Meeting place: SU230290
Southeast of Farley, from the junction with Livery Road go ¼ mile along Ben Lane, the gate into the reserve is on the right.
Leader: Rod Poynting 01722 322236
A - Sat 23rd September, B - Sat 11th November, C - Sat 27th January, D - Sat 24th February, E - Sun 11th March

15. Coombe Bissett Down Salisbury  Scrub clearance.
Meeting place: SU112257
From the A354 at Coombe Bissett turn south on to the Homington road. Turn right up Pennings Drove just before the Coombe Fellowship. The gate into the reserve is a short distance up the hill on the right.
Leader: Rod Poynting 01722 322236
A - Sat 30th September, B - Sat 18th November, C - Sat 16th December, D - Sat 20th January

16. Pepperbox Hill Salisbury  Scrub clearance.
Meeting place: SU211248
Park in NT car park off A36 Salisbury to Southampton road, about 4 miles south of Salisbury.
Leader: Rod Poynting 01722 322236
A - Sat 7th October, B - Sat 4th November, C - Sat 6th January, D - Sat 10th February

17. Middleton Down Wilton   Scrub clearance.
Meeting place: SU041254
In Broad Chalke, turn down 'The Causeway' opposite the Queen's Head pub and the car park is 230 yards on the right, just after the bridge.
Leader: Rod Poynting 01722 322236
A - Sat 14th October, B - Sat 17th February

18. Martin Down Fordingbridge Scrub clearance.
Meeting place: SU036201
The car park is on the left, off the A354, 6¼ miles from Coombe Bissett.
Leader: Rod Poynting 01722 322236
A - Sat 28th October, B - Sat 9th December

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