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Last Updated 16 June 2020 14:36

The quarterly newsletters are written by Joe Croll and are his personal account of activities at the club during that period. The opinions and comments in the newsletters are his and may not reflect those of other people in the audience. If you wish to comment please ring 023 8086 9720 or email

Newsletter – April, May, June 2020 Hello and I hope you are all keeping safe during these troubled times. As there is no jazz to report on, I am going to write a brief letter telling you of any developments and to let you know what I am doing also please email me with any story that you th ink may be of interest I can share it with the other members.

During the ‘Lockdown’ I have been breaking up my day by apportioning it to pleasurable activities such as jazz which includes re-reading jazz related material, art studies, anything about Cornwall and TV and recordings of my favourite programme Doc Marti n.

I bought a ‘Music Centre’ which allows me to play my CDs, Cassettes, records including EPs LPs and 78s also it has a radio function all from my desk. I am now devoting part of my day to listening to my collection which I reckon I will play my last recordi ng by about 2050.

Although I have always had the equipment to play all the above, for instance I have a 1936 HMV wind up gramophone in the lounge. Upstairs in my bedroom I can play my EP and LP collection and in my office all my CDs on my laptop. So far, I have listened to my Jelly Roll Morton, King Oliver, Jimmy McParland and my Armand J Piron LPs.

My love of art has been re-awakened thanks to Corvid 19. In 1989 my eldest sister was Her Majesty’s British Consul in Florence and invited me to visit her. I was hesitant to accept as I dreaded being dragged around art galleries and churches, what an idio t I nearly was. Since then I have been to Italy several times visiting Venice, Padua, Bologna, Pisa, Siena and Rome seeing some of the best art ever painted. I have a particular likeness of the work of Caravaggio after seeing two of his paintings in the c hurch of Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome using the chiaroscuro technique which Rembrandt also used on his famous Night Watch which hangs in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam which is worth a visit.

Well since my last newsletter I have had a birthday, I am now 61 + VAT and boy oh boy do I feel it.

Keep safe and remember to email what you are up to at

PS If any of you are on a Quiz Team and are asked why is the Coronavirus also known as Convid 19 here is the answer, the CO=Corona, VI=Virus, D=Disease and 19 is the year it was it was discovered.

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