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Jazz News

Last Updated 03 March 2018 13:09

100 years of jazz in Britain BBC Radio 4

BBC radio producer Harry Parker visited the Archive in January to research the early years of jazz in the UK.

In three programmes to be broadcast in February Kevin Le Gendre will explore how the music spread into popular culture after the Original Dixieland Jazz Band brought the sound of jazz to people's consciousness.

  • In the first episode Kevin explores how jazz made its way to the UK and how the idea of jazz began to spread into other areas of culture.
  • In the second, he looks at the influence of the visits of Duke Ellington before and after World War II, and
  • in the third, he investigates the role of jazz in post-World War II Britain and how the split between traditional and modern jazz showed itself in other art forms such as poetry.

    The programmes are on Radio 4 on Tuesday 14, 21 and 28 February 2017 at 11.30am.