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STHPA Charitable Trust

Last Updated 04 January 2015 15:08

In 1911 Miss Minnie Randell, a nursing sister in the eye department of St Thomas’s Hospital, was asked to start a school of massage and remedial gymnastics – the first to be based in a hospital. From this beginning a new profession of physiotherapy began to emerge with Miss Randell, a person of the highest standards, as leader and innovator. During the First World War casualties who had had legs amputated were fitted with wooden “peg legs”. Miss Randell campaigned for them to be issued with light metal legs and by 1921 all war pensioners were able to obtain these. Miss Randell was awarded the MBE.

She was an advocate of ante and post natal training and wrote a book “Training for Childbirth” in the 1930s. In the bombing of the hospital during the Second World War four physiotherapists were killed and Miss Randell set up a bursary in their memory to benefit future students. These bursaries may be applied for today. Miss Randell was an excellent teacher and demanded a high standard from her students. She was always concerned for their wellbeing. In 1968, a member of Miss Randell’s family gave a sum of money to be used to relieve poverty and suffering in physiotherapists who had trained at St Thomas’s Hospital or who had been a member of the staff for a minimum of three years. That initial donation was invested wisely and forms the Charitable Fund, from which grants can be made at the present time.

You may wonder what sort of help could come from this fund. Someone with mobility problems was helped by assistance in the purchase of a stair lift. Another old student, in a nursing home at the end of her days, was made more comfortable by a gift of a reclining chair which the nursing home was unable to provide. Perhaps you would benefit from a mobility aid or a small adaptation to your house or garden, even the cost of the fare by train or taxi to visit your family; it will do no harm to ask. Information can be obtained from Jacqueline Flexney- Briscoe The Charitable Fund is there to help you if it possibly can!

contact : Jacqueline Flexney-Briscoe
Tel : 07808 965002
Email : help@physiocentre.co.uk